Highlights of the week

Lots to peruse this week, from Lena Dunham to fairy lights, new book releases and tasty recipes. Enjoy!

Modern home office design ideas – 10 of the best – House to Home
Lena Dunham opens birth control discussion on Twitter and the result is amazing – Cosmopolitan
41 Things No British Person Can Ever Forget From Primary School – BuzzFeed
Life is good because of… – Miss Jojangles
30 questions you should ask your best friend – Hello Giggles
How to use fairy lights in a grown up space – Sweet Dreams
Things only people who wear glasses will understand – Our Little Luxuries
We thought: Hey it’s ok – Little Winter
My trip to the South of France – DESIGNLOVEFEST
RICE DK – Heart Handmade UK

Camping in Padstow – Lily Doughball

How to make a Swiss Roll cake – BBC Food
26 Foods You Should Learn To Cook In Your Twenties – BuzzFeed
Iced Streamline Blackcurrant Mousse – Glamour
Potato, Cheese & Ham Croquettes – Domestic Sluttery

Why you’re not a digital superstar – Medium
How to set a sponsored post rate – Bonjour, Blogger
Four groups for bloggers to join on Facebook – Bonjour, Blogger
Stay out of legal trouble, get to know your copyright law – xomisse
Why I love lifestyle blogging and lifestyle blogs – Absolutely Lucy
YouTube star Michelle Phan sued over copyright breach – BBC News
Learn how to code HTML – I Can Build a Blog
How to use custom fonts in Blogger or WordPress – I Can Build a Blog
From page to publish – Gingerly Pale
Tips for protecting your content and writing copyright notices – xomisse
The Seven Sins – Blogger Style – Sweet Dreams

Film & TV
The Coen Brothers’ Bucket List – ShortList Magazine
Why I’d like to be Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous – Guardian Film
Don’t text at the movies, or Richard Linklater will stab you in the brain – The AV Club
The New 90s Show We Are Seriously Excited About – Company
50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch, Part 1: The Mainstream – The Mary Sue
John le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman – NYTimes

Comics unmasked at the British Library – More About Cat
Book Review | How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran – AlleyHope

Craft bomb your bike – Claireabelle Makes
What’s in my sewing box – Miss Jojangles
DIY collage bookmarks – Heart Handmade UK
Make this belt strap memo board – A Beautiful Mess

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. I went along to watch my brother play cricket and was rather taken with the Cornish flag flying with pride
2. Lots of adventures outside of Cornwall this week because of work. On Wednesday we went to The Poshest Wetherspoons in the World (up the road from Exeter Central Station)!
3. I went to Coventry for the first time! It’s where my Granddad is from, so that was nice
4. And to cap off my epic week of travelling I went into Truro for the day on Saturday to catch up with a friend

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: I quite fancy a nice new deck chair for out in the garden this summer. This seaside one from Homebase is rather sweet
Need: This Bento Box from Sous Chef looks perfect for more complicated packed lunches, with the middle layer being safe enough to store stews etc without leaking
Wear: I am in love with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skater dress from Truffle Shuffle!
Read: Holly Bourne’s new book is out! If Soulmates is anything to go by, this’ll be another great YA novel for all ages.


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