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Highlights of the week

Plenty of recipes to try this week, along with blogging tips and days out in Cornwall.

Pastel bedroom – Not on the High Street
Chocolate Lego is made to make your mouth water – Creative Bloq
I believe in you – Sailboat
Thoughts :: On Being A Product Of My Family – She & Life
Bristol’s best bits – Being Little
8 things only extremely clumsy and accident-prone people understand – Hello Giggles
Lady’s Favorite Afternoon Teas in London – A Lady in London

Michael Cera Put Out A Surprise Album And It’s Pretty Charming – BuzzFeed

Film & TV
Guardians of the Galaxy superfan creates homemade dancing Baby Groot – Hello Giggles
21 funniest Robin Williams clips – What Culture
Emma Watson doesn’t get Twitter and it’s ridiculously cute – BuzzFeed
Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s incredible definition of feminism – Time
It’s Jennifer Lawrence’s birthday: Let us remind you why she’s the best – Hello Giggles
Why do women love Guardians of the Galaxy? – The Guardian

St Ives teddy pasty launch – St Ives TV
Postcards from Cornwall – Wish Wish Wish

The 18 best young adult books of 2014 – The Telegraph
Chew: Books 1 & 2 – more about cat
50 Excellent Novels by Female Writers Under 50 That Everyone Should Read – Flavorwire

Gorgonzola, Mushroom and Thyme Tarts – Great British Chefs
Ice cream cupcakes – Little Paper Swans
Blueberry swirl muffins – Honestly Yum
White Chocolate Millionaire’s Shortbread – Briar Rose
Bacon, feta & rocket frittata recipe – Where Are My Knees?

Infographic: Just Who is the Typical UK YouTuber? – Google
On Young Industries (Part 2): Apps – A Beautiful Mess

Bloglovin’ Awards 2014
How To Make an Animated GIF and Why You Should Use Them – I Can Build A Blog
Why The Daily Mail Readers Will Never Understand Blogging – Away With the Fairies
5 Strategies for How to Get PR Companies to Notice Your Blog – Sunny in London

Art & culture
Meet the designer: Jimbobart – The Lost Lanes

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. I had a week of being a tourist. Up first was the Eden Project…
2. Followed by a day in Falmouth, including a boat trip to St Mawes for this epic cream tea…
3. and a fantastic display from the Red Arrows (more on that next week)
4. and finished off with a re-visit to Paradise Park.

Weight update
Pre-teatox: 86kg
Post-teatox: 82.9kg
Now: 83.8kg (gained 2 pounds in the last week)

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: Typewriters are so pretty!
Need: I have a picnic basket, now I need a blanket!
Wear: Love this Accessorize bag!
Read: Can’t wait for this book to be released from Little White Lies. Have pre-ordered it in anticipation


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