Ten places I want to go

As a reader of blogs, it’s easy to get life envy sometimes. Sometimes it can be of someone who gets to do this for a living or just someone who blags an awesome sponsorship deal. Most of the time, it’s those damn travel bloggers! And I have been pinning the shit out of all the gorgeous sights the world has to offer. So far I’ve pinned 374 places I have to see. That strikes me as rather a lot, so I’ve whittled down my list to ten favourites. What do you reckon to them?

First up there’s Annecy in France. I’m quite fond of picturesque places and when I imagine myself travelling across Europe, this is the kind of locale I picture. Something beautiful and traditional, with something to do. No lying around on the beach for me!

Annecy, France

Mamma Mia has me pining for a place like Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is also home to this incredible hot tub! What a perk!

Santorini, Greece

Speaking of movies, In Bruges did a bit of a number on me. Look how pretty it is in the snow!

bruges, belgium

Last movie reference (promise!) – check out The Grand Budapest Hotel in Prague!!!

prague, the czech republic

I’ve also found the coolest places to stay. Up first is this epic treehouse in Seattle, Washington

seattle, washington

You can also sleep under the Northern Lights in a glass igloo in Finland!

glass igloo in finland

How beautiful is the floating lantern festival in Thailand?!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Of course, Hawaii is a must-go and they have their own lanterns

Honolulu, Hawaii

And, lastly, Rothenburg in Germany is just too damn picturesque not to include

rothenburg, germany

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