Ten things I love about Cath Kidston’s new cloud range

I’m a big fan of Cath Kidston. Although some items will forever be out of my price range, I love that there is always something that is affordable. Her new cloud range is beautifully dreamy. Here are my ten favourite pieces:

cath kidston clouds ipad case
iPad case, £35.00

cath kidston clouds bike seat cover
Bike seat cover, £8.00

cath kidston clouds knickers
Lace trim pants, £7.00

Long PJ set, £50.00

catk kidston clouds pj bottoms
PJ bottoms, £26.00

cath kidston clouds vest and short set
Vest and short set, £32.00

cath kidston clouds bed linen
Bed linen, from £50.00

cath kidston clouds socks
Socks, £6.00

cath kidston clouds umbrella
Umbrella, £35.00

cath kidston clouds chair
Chair. £175.00

See also: backpack, wallet, earphones and pouch, mug.

I’ve also got a bit of a thing for the hearts, some of which you can check out below:

cath kidston hearts range
Washbag. £18.00
Leather coin purse, £18.00
Apron. £20.00
Pocket mirror. £4.00

Have you got a favourite Cath Kidston range?

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