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Follow Friday #16

Here’s a wee Follow Friday for you this fine Friday evening. Happy reading!

Sunsets and night walks – Visit Cornwall
17 Breathtaking Places To Eat In Cornwall – BuzzFeed

Make it
My favourite peach pie – A Beautiful Mess

6 Things That Don’t Make You a Bad Feminist (No Matter What Anyone Says) – Bustle
27 Reasons Why It’s Bloody Amazing To Be A Woman In Her Twenties Right Now – Hannah Gale

15 Feminist Books to Read In 2015 to Help You Stay Passionate All Year – Bustle

Film & TV
Whoa: Audrey Hepburn’s son had no idea she was a movie star – Hello Giggles
Audrey Hepburn: the iconic movie star as you’ve never seen her – The Telegraph

‘Mom Body’: A brutally honest portrayal of pregnancy and childbirth – Mashable
There’s No True Way to Prepare for Motherhood – Babble
Photographer Documents C-Section To Show ‘There Is No Right Or Wrong Way’ To Give Birth – Huffington Post
BABY: Bathtime with NAÏF – Treasure Every Moment

Do bloggers need a niche? – Becky Bedbug
The Truth About Blogging for Money – Forever Amber
Why Blogging In 2015 Is A Completely New Experience For Everyone – Hannah Gale

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