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Follow Friday #23

Oh dear. Would you believe I still have over 400 unread saved posts? And an ever-growing list of blog post ideas (what’s the opposite of writer’s block?) that I just don’t have the time or energy to write at the moment. My days are spent entertaining my gorgeous son and my evenings are a constant battle between getting a early night or writing. I will catch up – both on sleep and this blog! Here are the posts I’ve been loving this week…

follow friday

3 Reasons You Should Take Post Birth Photos – Baby Centre
Mamas: Nobody’s Perfect – The Only Girl in the House
BABY: Deciding which travel cot to get – Treasure Every Moment
Moms Celebrate Their Fourth Trimester Bodies in Inspiring Photo Series – Babble
The whole truth & nothing but the truth – From Gem With Love

32 Products Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Home – BuzzFeed
Hair Brained: 5 Hair Trends for Fall – Paper & Stitch
30 Before 30 – Wish Wish Wish
30 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30 – The Cornish Life
How a Dessert Blogger Survives 2 Months Without Added Sugar – Top With Cinnamon
100 Things To Do In Autumn – Rosalilium
REVIEW: EarlyBird Daily Snack and Tea Box – Treasure Every Moment
What Moms Really Find Sexy – Babble

Make it
Frangipane topped Fruit Tarts – Jus-Rol
Peachy Keen: Easy (Delicious) Peach Crumble – Paper & Stitch
Kid-Made Recipe: Microwave Quiche in a Mug – Babble

Film & TV
7 Documentaries I loved on Netflix – Hello It’s Gemma

What I’m Wishing on Wednesday #1 – Daisy Chain Book Reviews
100 Book Blog Post Ideas | My Life in Lists – Vivatramp

11 Google Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Should Have – Oh So Amelia
4 SEO Tips for Better Search Rankings – Bloguettes
How To Achieve Your Blog Goals With Google Analytics – More About Cat

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