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New favourite Paperchase range: Nordic Nights

Paperchase is one of my favourite stores but the nearest one is a two-hour train journey away. Boo hiss. You can’t beat walking around the store and grabbing arms full of stock, but I make do with the website and try and remember to check in from time to time. I love the Nordic Nights range – the forest animals are super-cute and look great in colour and blank and white. Here’s the best of the bunch.

nordic nights magazine file from paperchase
Magazine file, £7.00

nordic nights bear kraft notebook from paperchase
Mini notebook, £2.50

nordic nights cosmetic case from paperchase
Cosmetic case, £10.00

nordic nights stickers from paperchase
Stickers, £1.50

nordic nights plate from paperchase
Plate, £8.50

nordic nights desk pad from paperchase
Desk pad, £6.00

nordic nights meal planner from paperchase
Meal planner, £6.00

nordic nights sticky notes set from paperchase
Magnetic sticky notes set, £8.00

nordic nights tape set from paperchase
Tape set, £8.00

nordic nights calendar from paperchase
Calendar, £10.00

What’s your fave? I’m quite partial to the family organiser/calendar.

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