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October baby clothes haul

Yep, this is generally a monthly occurrence but I haven’t remembered to photograph a lot of them post-purchase. It’s generally a mad dash to photograph Jenson looking cute in his little clothes before he unleashes a load of vomit. Or poo. Or both… Yep, we’re at that fun teething stage where he poos all the time. But that’s a story for another post (joy!).

Anyhoo, we’ve snapped up loads of bargains over the last couple of weeks, thanks to Sainsbury’s 25% off Tu clothing and general sales. Plus baby clothes in supermarkets are super-cute and super-cheap most days anyways.

Once Jenson starts to get a bit snug in his clothes, I like to make sure we’re all set with the next size up. There’s always loads of other sizes in the sale too so I tend to pick up a few key pieces that will be suitable whatever the season, as we never know when he’s going to make the move into the next size up. He’s four and a half months old and currently wearing mainly 6-9 months, with the occasional large 3-6 months hoody.

This is going to sound incredibly anal but I’m not ashamed – I have a little chart so that I know what he still needs. I’ve listed types of clothes down the side (long-sleeved bodysuits, short-sleeved bodysuits, joggers, jeans, sleepsuits, jumpers, t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, etc) and clothes sizes along the top so I can easily see when I’m out shopping what’s worth picking up. I learned early on that it’s easy to pick up loads of cute sleepsuits but so much ends up barely worn that it’s just not worth it. Anyone else do this? I get so carried away that it’s good to be able to stop and tell myself that he doesn’t actually need it but does need something else. Like warm hats!

So, here’s a look at the best of the bargains we’ve picked up lately.

fire engine and dinosaur sleepsuits from Boots
Fire engine and dinosaur sleepsuits, 2 for £8, Boots

dungarees sets from Sainsburys
Corduroy and dinosaur dungaree sets, £12.50 and £10.00, Sainsburys

Dumbo sleepsuit

Dumbo sleepsuit
Dumbo sleepsuit, £5, Sainsburys

Raccoon jumper

Raccoon jumper
Raccoon jumper, £11, Sainsburys

2 tog sleepsuit

2 tog sleepsuit
2 tog sleepsuit, was £6, now £4, Morrisons

bear jumper and jeans set
Two-piece set, was £10, now £7, Morrisons

pack of three short-sleeved bodysuits

pack of three short-sleeved bodysuits
Pack of three short-sleeved bodysuits, was £5.00, now £2.50, Morrisons

bear long-sleeved t-shirt

bear long-sleeved t-shirt
Long-sleeved t-shirt, was £4, now £2, Morrisons

fox face long-sleeved t-shirt
Long-sleeved t-shirt, £4, Morrisons

Spiderman swimwear
Spiderman swimwear, was £10, now £1, Sainsburys

bodysuits from sainsburys

short-sleeved bodysuits

long-sleeved bodysuits
Short and long-sleeved bodysuits, £5.50 and £7, Sainsburys

pack of four long-sleeved t-shirts

pack of four long-sleeved t-shirts
Pack of four long-sleeved t-shirts, was £9.00, now £4.50, Sainsburys

pack of three long-sleeved t-shirts

pack of three long-sleeved t-shirts
Pack of three long-sleeved t-shirts, £8, Sainsburys

pack of two sleepsuits

pack of two sleepsuits
Pack of two sleepsuits, £8, Peacocks

Jenson already has two of the 2 tog sleepsuits in 6-9 months so it was good to be able to pick up the next size a couple of quid cheaper. And can you believe those Spiderman sets?! I don’t know what size Jenson will be wearing next summer so because they were so cheap I picked up two sizes just in case. What are is your fave place for baby bargains?

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