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Jenson: Six months old

Oh my gosh, how is my baby six months old? He’s definitely not a newborn anymore. Today is his half birthday and it’s crazy to think that in just another six months he’ll be a year old and possibly walking and talking!

jenson six months old

This past month he has grown and developed loads. At his last weigh-in, nearly two weeks ago, he weighed 20 pounds six ounces, which means he’ll likely be moving into his 9-12 months clothes soon (according to the labels, 6-9 months are for up to 20 pounds). He’s also able to sit unsupported for short periods of time, he can bounce for a solid hour in his Jumperoo until he tires himself out and he is such a chatterbox. It’s not so much fun at 6.30am but as soon as you look at that little face and he looks so happy to see you… swoon! It’s actually probably my favourite part of the day in retrospect!

The biggest thing this month is that we’ve started weaning. We decided to do it a week ‘early’ (as per guidelines to wait until babies are six months old) as Luke had the week off work and I thought it would be nice to do it together. We started out with mashed veggies (sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, broccoli), mashed banana (his favourite – he makes yummy noises!) and Ella’s Kitchen for on the go. I went to a weaning talk a couple of months back and I’m determined that he’s going to eat healthily and with no added salt and sugar, etc. I/we love Ella’s Kitchen because their pouches are full of nothing but fruit and veg. See how much he loved his first taste of their food!

Jenson's first Ella's Kitchen experience

This was when we went to my parents’ house after swimming last week. I thought it was funny that he ended up with so much over his face and when we removed the tray to get him out of the highchair…

Jenson's first Ella's Kitchen experience

Have you ever seen a messier child?! My mum pre-handwashed the clothes straight away and so far nothing has stained but we did pick up a coverall bib from Morrisons the other day. It was only £2.50 so I thought it was worth trying. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for more in that style. I’ve ordered this one from Sainsburys and am waiting for a notification when these are back at Mothercare. Jenson still gets some food on his trousers but he’s definitely a lot cleaner. He likes to scoop the food off his spoon on the way into his mouth and has a habit of rubbing his hands on his trousers. When he starts on finger food this week that might change.

I thought weaning would be really hard but it turns out that, for now, it’s just fun! He loves his food and hasn’t decreased his bottle feeds yet. He’s having about half a serving of food once a day at the mo but we’re going to the drop-in on Wednesday and I’ll be sure to have a chat with the staff there about our weaning journey so far. I know ‘every baby is different’ but I’d like to know other people’s stories of how they’ve increased food/meals and reduced bottles. And also how that affects their sleep at night (if at all) and dirty nappies. Twice in the last week, Jenson has looked physically pained while pooing and on the verge of tears. It was horrible.

Speaking of tears, we still don’t have any little teethy pegs and he is still pretty unhappy about it. Last Friday was his worst day yet (also my birthday. Luke did his best to make sure I had as relaxing a day as possible in spite of this) and we’ve been triple teaming with the teething granules, Dentinox gel and baby paracetamol. He has started to recognise what they are now and likes to ‘help’ when you tip the granules in.

On a happier note, because Luke has had a couple of Thursdays off lately, he has been able to go in the water with Jenson during swimming classes! It was nice to be able to see him having fun in the water with someone else, although he seemed a bit confused to be with his Daddy for a change. Hopefully a few more sessions will make them both feel a bit more confident.

Jenson swimming with Luke for the first time

We’ve pretty much got everything sorted for Jenson’s first Christmas now. We didn’t want to go overboard with presents etc when he won’t remember/appreciate it – last year our nephew just wanted to play with the paper – but have bought a few things. He has his Christmas Eve box (more on that in another post), plus a few fun, noisy toys. We’re going to be spending the day itself at home, just the three of us, and see our families the day before and after. I’m a firm believer that Christmas is about more than just one day, so we’re spending Christmas Eve afternoon with my family (they all live close together) before heading home to start some family traditions before Jenson goes to bed, and seeing Luke’s parents on Boxing Day. Fun!

Jenson tummy time

I like to finish these posts with a little prediction for what the next month might bring. I’m super-excited for Christmas and the lead up to it (Mousehole lights!) and I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of photos on Instagram. In terms of Jenson’s milestones, I reckon he might work up the nerve to roll over. He goes onto his side at the moment then chickens out. We ‘help’ him so he can see what happens if he keeps going but he hasn’t done it on his own. He’s the same with crawling. He’s great at tummy time and when he’s on his big play mat he’ll grab the mat and pull it towards himself rather than moving his body. I reckon he needs to see another baby doing it so we’ll try and make sure he mixes well at the baby group this week. Check back tomorrow for more of Jenson’s month in photos – he’s such a cutie!

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