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Follow Friday #35

Happy New Year! Still feeling the effects of last night? Snuggle down with a brew and some biccies and let these fabulous posts entertain you.

follow friday


Wanna know how strong a mother’s love is? Check out Jodie’s post, which totally gave me the warm and fuzzies. And while you’re at it, this dad’s post about what it’s really like to be a parent in the first few months is hilarious and totally relatable.

Jules has shared some snippets from her one line a day journal about life with her gorgeous boy – along with some stunning photos. I love my diary and might share some entries myself when Jenson is one to highlight his first year.

All. The. Feels.

I love this post about being the chubby mum at the gym!


Now this is the ultimate geek box. As I watched the box unpacking (yes, I actually watched one of those!), I gasped. On multiple occasions. How cool is the mug? And scarf?! And baubles?!!! Woah.

It’s official. Women are geeks too.

Make it

I never thought of doing cottage pie with sweet potato before but my gosh it looks incredible.

With just three ingredients, these chocolate ganache truffles look like something I’ll be making pretty regularly from now on!

I need pull-apart pizza bread in my life.


I never usually get excited over new coins but I’m definitely gonna be hanging on to a couple of the Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter ones which are on the way.


It’s totally ok (and easy) to use your smartphone for your blog photography. And do it well!

Alice was lovely enough to feature me in her best blog posts of 2015 post!


The new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the recent past and set goals for the coming year. I was particularly inspired by these posts from Jennie May, Sophie Blunt and Liza Tait-Bailey.

Becky got the cutest puppy! And so did Rosie! I want one…


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not the film geek I once was. I didn’t have a clue what was coming out next year beyond Civil War, Batman vs Superman and The Suicide Squad but The Guardian have got me covered with 75 films to look forward to. I’ll be doing my best to catch the aforementioned comic book flicks in the cinema, as well as The Girl on the Train (great book plus Emily Blunt!), Manchester-By-The-Sea (Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams? Yes!), Julieta (Almodovar is back!), Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt and Michelle Williams together again), Finding Dory (is Jenson too young for the cinema?), Passengers (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence – wooo), Zoolander 2 (yes!), The Nice Guys (not a fan of Russell Crowe at all but it looks brilliant) and Deadpool (so much potential and should be way better than Wolverine).

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