Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

I think I might actually be addicted to buying things for Jenson. I can’t walk into Sainsburys or Morrisons (both conveniently a short walk down the road) without buying anything for him. Fortunately, Morrisons have had a massive sale on recently, so I’ve stocked up on the next size clothes and I’ve built myself a little wishlist of what I want to get him from Sainsburys the next time they have a 25% off day. Get ready for lots of dinosaurs!

tu clothing wishlist: the jenson edition

Pyjama set, £6.00
2 pack of PJs, £11.00+
Joggers, £7.00
Sleeping bag, £12.00
Marvel shoes, £10.00+
Spiderman swimming shorts, £8.00+
Dinosaur jumper, £9.00+
Farm sleepsuit, £5.00
Lion sleepsuit, £5.00
Star Wars sleepsuit, £7.00

We’re pretty much there with Jenson’s 12-18 months wardrobe; he just needs a spare pair of swimming shorts (def need those Spiderman ones!) and he could do with a coat and pramsuit, depending on the time of year he moves into that size. So he doesn’t need any new sleepsuits yet but oh my gosh I’ve loved few things more than that farm sleepsuit. He might have to have that one ‘just because’…

5 thoughts on “Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition”

  1. Haha I’m exactly the same with my two boys! I really didn’t know how excited you could get about buying kids clothes until I had children x

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