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Follow Friday #41

I was so busy/knackered last week that I missed Follow Friday! Not to worry; I bookmarked a whole load of epicness ready to upload this week. Then got even more tried in the evenings. Yay for being a working mum! Meh. Anywhoo, I managed to keep my little peepers open long enough to share some of my fave posts with you this week. Go me!

follow friday


Cornish and proud, bitches!

Chloe shared her family’s trip to the Seal Sanctuary. I wonder if Jenson will be old enough to appreciate it this summer or if we should hold off another year…


Y’know how I’m like totally obsessed with all of these awesome subscription packages that keep popping up? BuzzFeed have listed the 15 nerdiest. Want!


Cosmo shared 11 websites for stationery porn lovers. Excuse me while I pin all of the things

Make it

I’ve been fancying some duck chow mein for weeks now but we’re laying off takeaways for a while. fortunately Kerry has shared 21 better than takeout Chinese recipes! Yes!

When it’s my turn to get up with Jenson, I need a second breakfast. When you’re up at 5.30am, you’re hankering after a little something-something around 10am. Hannah posted these drool-worthy carrot cake breakfast muffins which I just have to try

Caught yourself buying too many Creme Eggs? Turn ’em into fudge!

Sprinkles make everything better so I definitely had to pin this Funfetti Rice Krispie cake recipe


This looks like the best job ever!


Dotcomgiftshop shared 20 mummy blogs which I have to check out

I loved having a nose at Hannah’s desk space

Holly’s post on how she edits/curates her Instagram got me pondering (again) about whether or not I should have a certain theme/aesthetic for my own

I’m stuck in a bit of a rut with my photos, opting for a plain background where possible, but I’m loving Jemma’s idea of using some fun, patterned wrapping paper


Looking for something new to read? I love Blogger’s Bookshelf’s ‘Love that? Try this‘ series

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