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Jenson: Nine months old

Yep, my baby boy is now nine months old – three quarters of the way to his first birthday!

jenson nine months old

I was reminded last week just how quickly the time goes and how you can never get it back. We were browsing the clothing sale in Sainsburys and spotted some cute Winnie the Pooh gear that only went up to 12 months. He’s been in 9-12 months clothes since just before Christmas (the longest he’s been in any age range of clothes) and it’s so weird to think that we won’t be buying tiny baby clothes again (yep, still set on him being an only child!).

Every now and then I have a little moment where I look at him and realise just how much he has grown up already. We were in Spoons yesterday and he was sat up in his highchair and just reached over to the table to grab his cup with both hands and started drinking from it. Definitely not a baby anymore.

He’s still not mastered the art of crawling but he’s really strong at sitting up on his own, especially now that we’ve got the ball pit out on a more regular basis. His swimming continues to improve every week too. Luke came to watch this week and his arms and legs were going while he was supported by the water noodles. He’ll also jump in by himself now – even on cue sometimes.

jenson nine months old

Last night I tried to make more of an effort to get him to feed himself rather than mash his dinner and spoon feed him but he was having none of it. I boiled strips of parsnips, carrots and sweet potato, which he has had mashed plenty of times and enjoyed, but he didn’t want to eat them. I’ll try again with something different and see what he makes of it. Every time Helen shares Isabella’s meals on Facebook, I’m like “why can’t I do that?”. I guess it’s just a case of finding some time to make up a batch of stuff and freeze it…?

Going back to work has definitely been a shock to the system. For a start working days are a lie-in! Jenson has a habit of getting up around 5.30 at the moment, so Luke gets up with him and I get up just before 7am. Then I get to read on the bus, which has been a novelty. Obviously it’s not all fun and games at work but I have the luxury of being able to get up to make a cup of coffee whenever I want, drink it while it’s hot and eat a hot meal at lunch time. It’s hard only seeing him for an hour a day though and by the time I’m on my last day I can’t walk from the bus stop to the front door quick enough! I was gutted last week when he was asleep when I got home but at least it was on a Wednesday and I got to spend the next four days with him.

Sometimes he doesn’t want to nap in the day. Correction: he wants to – he’s absolutely knackered – but he fights it and then falls asleep at 5.30, meaning we have to wake him a couple of hours later to change his nappy, put him in his PJs and give him his bedtime bottle. And he does not like that!

jenson nine months old

We don’t have any more teeth yet either. He’s still just got the bottom two he’s had since Christmas but more bumps are appearing on the top row – they’re just not poking through. Teething is so unpredictable and probably one of the hardest things we’ve had to deal with so far.

As he gets older, there’s definitely more of a personality showing through. He’s obsessed with blowing raspeberries at the moment and he’s showing more of an interest in certain books and TV shows. He loves touchy feely books or ones with peekaboo mirrors or hand puppets and he loves the theme tune to pretty much every kids’ TV show. Milkshake is on every morning so he’s seen them all a million times. If he’s in his highchair having breakfast and Thomas and Friends comes on, he’ll turn his head to watch the song, totally ignoring the spoonful of baby porridge. And he really likes Peppa Pig. We bought him this George toy which he seems to like – especially when it oinks!

jenson nine months old

As always, I like to end the blog post with some little predictions for the next month. I’d love it if he actually started crawling or pulling himself up. At his nine month review with the Health Visitor team, Luke was told that he might skip crawling and go straight to standing, so that could be interesting, especially as we haven’t child-proofed the house yet. He’s started saying “Nana” recently too, although not to my mum’s face, so that could happen soon. I think he might start moving into 12-18 months clothes too and we’ll continue to ponder moving him into his own room. It’s not because we’re paranoid parents that we haven’t done it yet; it’s just that there’s so much furniture to move around to do it, plus stuff will need to go in the attic (his room has accidentally become a bit of a storage dump and looks nothing like a baby’s room). Some nights he’ll go through without one us having to get up to find his dummy but other nights we can be up a few times, and it’ll be a pain in the arse going into another room. We should get on that though…

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