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Follow Friday #48

I’ve been catching up on the 2,000+ blog posts I’ve bookmarked, so there are some slightly older links here this week. They’re all goodies though, so make yourself comfortable and have a gander.

follow friday


A woman has dared to suggest that working non-mothers should be entitled to me-ternity leave. I could punch her in the face! Someone suggested something similar to me when I returned to work and inspired me to write this post

Guess what? Studies have proven that there is no benefit to smacking your child. I’m really not for smacking at all. I can remember my aunt saying something stupid about bringing it back when I was pregnant and I thought it was ridiculous. I have no plans to discipline my child that way and if someone happens to babysit and think it’s appropriate, they won’t be seeing Jenson again!

I’m having major issues with having my photo taken at the moment and so there are very few of me with Jenson – and none of us as a family. I don’t want to end up like this family though, so I’m going to try and rectify that soon

I desperately want a teepee for Jenson and loved Chloe’s MYWEETEEPEE review

Make it

How amazing to sausage and caramelised onion croissants sound?! And this raspberry and custard open tart looks ridiculously good!

I’m having cake for breakfast every day! Does this elderflower drizzle cake count?

Lisa’s post on her baking attempt felt refreshingly familiar


National Stationery Week may be over but that doesn’t mean the links are gonna stop! Smiths remind us why notebooks are so freakin’ awesome


Clue yourself up on endometriosis. Most of us know someone who is struggling


I really do want to start living more mindfully and Jemma has some great book recommendations. Plus it’s so important to treat yourself from time to time – and it needn’t cost a penny!


As bloggers, we spend so much of our lives documenting everything that sometimes we forget to just take a step back and enjoy it. Sophie Rosie asked if we spend too much of our lives behind a lens and it really got me thinking, especially about how much time I spend taking photos and videos of Jenson rather than just being in the moment

Want the perfect flat lay background? Bloguettes have some tips

A Branch of Holly recently became a new favourite blog and I’m so excited for her latest project. She’s also got a great post on ten-minute tasks to improve your blog

Jemma’s giving my major #bulletjournalgoals

Cat takes a closer look at the usefulness of StumbleUpon for bloggers


Sophie has some great book recommendations. I need to bump Me Before You up me TBR pile and add The Year of Yes to my Amazon wish list

Everyone is talking about the Calm book and the more I read about it the more I need it in my life


New York’s street art looks incredible!

Everyone and their mother is going to Barcelona/. I wanna go!

I’d love to go to Paris for my 30th (it’s not til the end of next year – I ain’t that old yet!) and love Shelby Rae’s post for first-timers

Happy reading!

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