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Saturday Share #51

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m rejigging my blog posts a bit. I love sharing my favourite reads of the week with you but I’ve bumped it to a Saturday Share instead of a Follow Friday to make way for a Friday Favourites (#alliterationaddict). Check out my first Friday Favourites post here and let me know what you think.

On with this week’s recommended reading!

saturday share_blue


Emily’s post on how blogging could change your life for the better is so inspiring. It really makes me want to do more

Krista has some great quick tips for boosting your blog strategy

One of my favourite bloggers, Rhianna, has interviewed another of my favourite bloggers – Michelle from Life Outside London. Find out more about this fabulous woman and her blog here

Books & mags

Did you know Stacie has set up a Twitter Book Club? Such a good idea! The first title was Our Endless Numbered Days and her reading wrap up has convinced me to add it to my TBR list

Liv has some great magazine recommendations. I hadn’t heard of some of these titles before

Lauren has recommended some great self-care books. It’s made me want to bump Reasons To Stay Alive up my TBR list and also finally buy Calm


Elizabeth recently got engaged and has just discovered how much weddings cost. I loved reading her post on the expense and consideration of just eloping.


Anna has some top tips for emmets this holiday season


This is such a great idea for a baby book!


On the odd occasion that we get to go away somewhere, it’s usually to Bristol, so I love reading Bristol bloggers’ best bits in the area. Tink has recommended some places we def need to check out next time

Film & TV

Gotta love that Jake the Dog!

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