(Another) New Look summer wish list

Yeah, I know I posted one about six weeks ago but my gosh New Look are killing it with their summer stock! And it’s not just about the long baggy vest tops and midi skirts – there are hellah cute bags, purses and picnic wear too! You’ll wanna get your mitts on all of these bad boys!

new look summer wish list part 2

Plaited trim vest, £6.99 (two for £12.00)
Lace panel swing vest, £11.99 (was £15.99)
Watermelon folding water bottle, £4.99
Flamingo print clear beach bag, £19.99
Multicoloured midi skater skirt, £24.99
Tie waist midi skirt, £24.99
Crochet flap purse, £5.24 (was £6.99)
Floral mini satchel, £17.24 (was £22.99)
Three stackable lunch boxes, £3.74 (was £4.99)
Fruit cup and jug set, £7.49 (was £9.99)

I’m totally loving the quirky flamingo bag but my summer wardrobe is in dire need of anything that isn’t either two sizes too small or what I wore last year immediately after giving birth…

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