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Saturday Share #56

It’s been another awesome week in the blogosphere with plenty of top reads to share – including loads of blogging tips!

saturday share_blue


How awesome does this BFG trail look?!

I really need to bump Reasons To Stay Alive up my TBR pile

I need to read more non-fiction and Sophie has some great recommendations

I’ve been meaning to read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck for aaages and Rhianna’s fuck budget is awesome!


I can relate so much to this post on mixed messages we send mums. Even just with seeing different health visitors – how are we ever meant to know what’s best?

Helen is my go-to for weaning recipes and she’s shared 45 in one awesome post!


Tink reminds us why we shouldn’t work for free

Get some blogging tips straight from the experts

Find out how you can make money from blogging, just like Hannah Gale!

Want to try your hand at freelancing? Chloe is here to help!

Did you know there’s one quick way to double your Pinterest traffic?

New to blogging? Get down with the kids and learn the tech lingo

Find out how Jordan grew her Instagram following

I’ve appeared on a couple of other blogs this week – gotta love this fab community! I took part in Confessions of a Slummy Mummy’s #themeinmummy Instagram hashtag and was selected as the photo of the week and my birth story is up on Little Paper Swans! Go check out these awesome blogs :)

Sarah’s post on the golden rules of Instagram and why we don’t get along is probably my favourite post of the week. I think, as bloggers, we put too much pressure on ourselves to capture the perfect photo and have it fit a theme rather than use it for the simple pleasure of sharing a moment instantly. Definite food for thought!

Film & TV

I wanna go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour so bad!


Pre-Jenson we would head up to Bristol once or twice a year to see family and friends and always stay in the Travel Lodge. Lily has put a good word in for Mercure Holland House Bristol next time!

Everyone seems to be heading out to Croatia at the mo and it’s not hard to see why!


I love having a nose at other people’s desk spaces. How lovely is Katie’s?!

Elle’s post on embarassing bravery is the most inspiring thing I’ve read this week. Need some encouragement? Go read it now!

Oh em gee, Giada has shared the perfect grown up picnic, complete with recipes!


I really want to learn hand letting and this desire just had an almighty boost by Jasmin’s post

New favourite blog

Jessica-Cece – I know I’m a tad biased when it comes to blogs written by Cornish gals but man, this blog is so dreamy! Go see for yourself!

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