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Friday Favourites #8

Happy weekend y’all! Me and Luke have our family weekends Thursday-Friday because of our work schedules, so it feels like mine is coming to an end as yours is a beginning but, as last weekend proved, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun (see point three below). Here’s what I’ve loved in the last week:

1. My bullet journal. After Monday’s post I felt bad that I didn’t really have anything for July and finally started my Watching & Reading page. I can’t believe I’ve not seen a film yet this month! Luke got The Hateful Eight for his birthday and we really need to see it. Oh and, NBG, but that post has already become my most popular of all time! The bujo craze is taking over! (You can find the post here.)

watching and reading bullet journal july 2016

2. Sainsburys bargains. We’ve thrown out a few of Jenson’s vests after some nappy explosions recently so he totally needed these new tractor ones. Or that’s my excuse anyway. Can you believe all three of these came to just £6.50? Gotta love Sainsburys!

tractor clothes from sainsburys

3. Sunny days. As I mentioned in the intro, Luke working all weekend doesn’t mean the days have to be completely written off. When he got home on Sunday we walked over to Marazion and Jenson dipped his toes in the sea for the first time! It was a bit cold so he preferred just chilling on the sand. This is my new fave photo BTW.

jenson and luke on the beach

4. Ben & Jerrys. I managed to get a tub of chocolate fudge brownie for just £2.50 in Iceland! I’m all about the bargains this week. We got stuck in last night when Jenson went to bed at a reasonable hour and we caught up on some more of The Flash.

ben and jerrys and the flash

5. #winning. I won another blog competition! This one was courtesy of Life Unexpected and Ugly Duck Books and is a beautiful alternative family record book. I’ll share some interior pics when we start filling it out.

baby record book

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have an even better weekend!

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