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Saturday Share #61

This week’s top reads have encouraged me to pick up a new book, let go of my body worries (for, like, a minute!) and try new foods with Jenson. Check ’em out.

saturday share_blue

Bee’s creative prompts are great food for thought for tomorrow’s post on inspiration and plagiarism in the blogosphere

Loads of bloggers have reviewed the Olympus Pen but I’ve found Anna’s the most useful

Have you included your blog on your CV? Cydney talks transferable skills

Oh em gee, Jemma just got the coolest subscription box!

Let’s talk about periods! I always struggled really badly with them but since having Jenson I’ve been on the contraceptive injection and haven’t had one since October – awesome, right?! Which means I won’t be ordering this rather cool subscription box to help get you through your monthlies. Check out Sophie’s review

Louise always posts the best wish lists – check out these shoes!

I’ve never been to Tintagel but might have to after reading Anastasia’s post

It can be surprisingly hard to feed a baby/toddler and I love seeing what other parents do. Take a peek inside Parker’s lunchbox

I’ve read loads of posts this week about post-baby bodies. It’s something a lot of mothers struggle with on a daily basis, myself included. Check out these words of wisdom from Helen at Treasure Every Moment, Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Chaunie on Babble

I fecking love Constance and her #nofucks attitude

Angela’s review of The Room convinced me to bump it up my TBR pile. I started it on the bus this week and I can’t wait to pick it back up again on Monday morning.

What have you loved reading this week?

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