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A Cornish geek’s birthday/Christmas wish list

I’ve finally done it! I’ve picked the ultimate gifts for my 29th birthday and Christmas stocking. Is 29 too old to still be doing Christmas lists? I’ve already been asked by two people if there’s anything special I’d like for my birthday (less than four weeks away, FYI – and four weeks before Christmas) and it’s such a big decision when you become a parent. You see, you start to treat yourself less and less and when the opportunity arises to have something just for you, picking that one special thing becomes a huge deal. But I’ve done it. In fact, I consider this a public service as it can help you with making out your own letter to Santa – if you like a whole load of awesome! More gift guides coming soon…

29th birthday and christmas wish list

The Feminist Activity Book by Gemma Correll, Amazon, £9.51
How Hard Can Love Be by Holly Bourne, Amazon, £5.99
What’s A Girl Gotta Do by Holly Bourne, Amazon, £7.99
…And A Happy New Year? by Holly Bourne, £7.99
Transparent mason jar light, New Look, £9.99
Wonder Woman Pop Vinyl, Amazon, £8.96
Blue mermaid tail blanket, New Look, £24.99
Light-up unicorn slippers, Firebox, £34.99
Gemma Correll Introvert Journal, John Lewis, £15.00
Wooden frame with print, kikki.K, £5.00
Unihorne charger, Firebox, £34.99

I really frickin’ love the mermaid blanket and unicorn slippers! And I’ve really got to catch up on Holly Bourne’s Spinster Trilogy. And my phone is forever dying on the way home for work as I drain the shit out of my battery checking up on Bloglovin and social media. So they’re all essentials, really!

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