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Friday Favourites #23

It’s been a pretty big week with even more coming up as the year draws to a close. Here’s a little look at what I’ve loved over the last few days.

friday favourites

1. Truro shopping. What was meant to have been my second ‘day off’ ever turned into a really lovely family shopping trip with the best behaved toddler in the world. Whoddathunkit? Check out some of my Christmas shopping faves here.

christmas shopping in truro

2. Christmas supplies. I finally found some epic Christmas washi tape in Poundland! Gotta love the three packs for a quid offer.

christmas washi tape from poundland

3. Breathe. I’ve got the first three issues of Breathe magazine and I’m so tempted to subscribe. It’s such a beautiful magazine and a good excuse for a bit of self-care/me time, even if I do end up having to read it on the bus. I loved the journal in the latest issue.

breathe magazine issue three

4. Blog planner. While Christmas shopping online I spotted this blog planner notepad from Dot Creates and had to order one for myself. Yesterday I received an email about their new A5 blog planners and I just had to order one of those too – especially as it was 30% off for one day only! I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

blog planner notepad from dot creates

5. Work birthday. Wednesday was my last day at work before my birthday and I didn’t half feel special when I arrived to a desk looking like this! And now I’m off for 11 days. Luke has booked my birthday weekend off too which means nine whole days together as a family *happy face*

work birthday 2016

I’ve got a fun week planned, with a family lunch, first baby free night at a posh hotel, cinema trip and some Christmas activities with Jenson. Bring it on!

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