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Exploring Cornwall: The Craft Box, Penzance

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this wonderful place since we first took Jenson last year. The Craft Box is a beautiful arts cafe in Penzance (there’s one in Helston too) where you can pop in with your children to create the perfect gift or memento.

the craft box penzance

the craft box penzance

We took Jenson last year when he was six months old and made birthday presents for my mum and aunt. We decided to do blue footprints on star-shaped trinket boxes, with ‘happy birthday’ written on the top and his name and age on the inside. To say they loved them would be a massive understatement!

jenson craft box penzance

the craft box penzance

the craft box penzance

We went back a couple of weeks ago to make some Christmas presents. We haven’t pictured them in full as we don’t want to spoil it for the recipients so I’ll post an update after Christmas.

the craft box penzance

I’ve always been impressed with the service at The Craft Box. The coffee is great, there’s always a baked good to snack on and the staff are so helpful. If you need a hand painting your child (tiny handprints are hard!) or writing on your works of art, they’re there to help.

the craft box penzance

Now’s the perfect time to pop in as there are loads of cute Christmas decorations to paint, as well as the usual mugs, bowls and trays. Plus you can buy something someone else has created too.

the craft box penzance

the craft box penzance

I’m a big fan of shopping local and independent, especially when it comes to gifts. It’s nice to give something a bit different and the personal touch is always a winner.

jenson at the craft box

I had to share that photo of Jenson as Luke took it while we were there and I think it’s my new favourite – even though I’m in the background!

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