My 2016 in review

2016 was the year that gave us our second female Prime Minister, Stranger Things and Honey G, the year that took David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and Princess Leia and brought back Harry Potter, Busted and Gilmore Girls. On a more personal note, it was the year that Jenson turned one,  we moved into our fifth house in six years and I found out what it’s like to be a (grown up) child of separated parents and a working mum! Here’s a look back at my 2016 through this blog.

my 2016 in review

January 2016

January was my last full month at home with Jenson before going back to work part-time. It feels like forever ago now, as I’ve been back at work longer than I was off. Here’s a look back at his seven months update from the start of the year and our weaning journey.

Item of the day posts that made it past wish listing include these baby platters, this fun, noisy toy for Jenson and the Felicity Smoak Pop Vinyl, which I got for my first Mother’s Day!

jensons weaning journey seven months

February 2016

On the eve of my return to work, I posted a day in the life post focusing on what life is like when you’re on maternity leave. Can you sense the bitterness about what people think life is like as a SAHM? Other people’s opinions are great inspiration for blog posts, as I found with my in defense of dummies post.

Longrock, Cornwall

March 2016

Returning to work might have meant a bitch of a commute but it has given me time to read for the first time in forever! I intended on writing a post for each book I’ve read but I’ve mostly done mass updates. Here’s the first batch. Of course, returning to work also brought with it opinions on what you do when you’re on maternity leave. Cue another blog post!

My first review post of the year was on The Night That Changed Everything. I’ve got four or five planned for January 2017 – all of the books!!!

Baby's first Easter

April 2016

I discovered the bestest, tastiest snack everest with these incredible Nutella pastry swirls. Come to think of it, we’ve not made any for a while…

National Stationery Week was one of my highlights of the year and I was lucky enough to work with Literary Emporium, The Clever Badger, Katy Pillinger Designs and Quill London. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

alice in wonderland stationery from literary emporium

May 2016

My baby turned one! It was a perfect day, with a party/picnic in the park We got him this cute t-shirt from Next which now lives in his birthday box of memories. We did a cake smash at home a couple of days before too. We also got him his first pair of shoes! Such a big boy now – he’s on his fourth pair.

One of my favourite posts of the year is about not comparing yourself or your child to others. Sometimes I still need a reminder.

jensons first birthday

June 2016

It was a bleddy dream come true when I had the opportunity to work with Paperchase – even more so when the content got me my best views of the year!

One of my favourite posts of the month was from my nose around the Falmouth Summer Shows. I definitely left inspired!

The only item of the day that was purchased this month was these gorgeous Guess How Much I Love You PJs. I can’t resist anything with that little nutbrown hare on!

blog organisation and bullet journalling with paperchase

July 2016

I had plenty to write about in July: I became the proud owner of Ms Marvel Volume 5, discovered a tasty and quick and easy dinner recipe, finally started watching Gilmore Girls, had my first mums’ night out and started a bullet journal.

jenson and luke on the beach

August 2016

Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free meal doesn’t know what they’re talking about. We were lucky enough to eat at The Mexico and The Alverton – for review purposes, of course! I also headed to Penlee Park Theatre to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream and checked out some seals and penguins.

One of my favourite posts from August was written as a response to my realisation that I keep getting older but new students are staying the same age. I was a Fresher ten years ago! Here’s what I’ve learned since then.

Penlee Park Theatre - A Midsummer Night's Dream

September 2016

I went along to the Cornwall Design Fair and remembered how much I love sharing the work of creative people. I might bring back my ‘in the spotlight’ series. If you’re interested, get in touch.

I featured this t-shirt in my item of the day series and my mum bought it for me the next day! Ain’t she lovely.

My favourite post to write was on the three fictional characters who define you. When I narrowed down my list to the final three I realised just how bookish I am! I also blogged about privacy and parent bloggers. I still haven’t gone back and edited any old posts but I did make me think about how much I share about Jenson.

september 2016 bullet journal

October 2016

In the year before Jenson was born I went on a couple of short marketing courses. I blogged about them at the time but decided to combine the top tips in one post here. Two of my favourite posts of the month were where I got a bit more personal. I wrote about high street fashion in response to Zara stocking a new awesome Wonder Woman range but not in sizes 16 and above, bearing in mind that the average woman in the UK is a size 16. I also want to start writing more about mental health and self-care and started out with this introductory post.

One of my favourite days of the year was when me and mum took Jenson to Trevaskis Farm’s pumpkin patch. He was just starting to walk more confidently and it was great fun.

Our best buy of the month was Jenson’s new wheels. It’s quite pricey new and we managed to get one secondhand. He loves it!

trevaskis farm pumpkin patch

November 2016

November saw my second birthday as a mum – and my first night away from Jenson! I worked on my first hotel review and we stayed at St Michael’s Hotel on my birthday. Fun!

One of my favourite days of the month was a total surprise. I was meant to be leaving Jenson with Luke (for my second ever baby/work free day!) and going Christmas shopping with my mum and aunts in Truro. He ended up coming with last minute and I left the house totally stressed out about how he was going to cope on the train and sitting in his buggy all day while we shopped. He turned out to be an absolute angel and it was a really lovely, stress-free day. And I got loads of shopping done.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Totally Funky on a Christmas gift guide. I also worked with Say Nice Things Stationery on their launch and am hoping to use their fab products to set up my 2017 bullet journal later this week.

st michaels hotel and spa, falmouth

December 2016

December wasn’t all that festive in our house – our fridge freezer broke a few weeks before Christmas and we had a water leak the day before Christmas Eve! We replaced our fridge freezer and all its contents and the extent of the water damage (across all three floors) means that the house still smells. We need to repaint and might need to replace carpet, at least in one of the bathrooms. Joy! But Jenson still had a great time and we were very lucky to see most of our favourite people and have some much-needed time off together as a family. My Christmas post willl be going up tomorrow so pop back then if ‘look what I got!’ posts are your thang!

If you’re in West Cornwall on a rainy day and looking for something to do, I really do recommend popping into The Craft Box. We’ve taken Jenson twice now and have made some beautiful keepsakes for family.

One of my new favourite brands I’ve discovered this year is That Lame Company. I love the Box of Lame and wish I could afford to get it every month. My mum got me the Blogger Box of Lame for my birthday, which I’ve reviewed, and my brother and his girlfriend got me the Christmas box, which I’ll be reviewing next week. They’re incredible!

I’ve read a lot this year and found some great new writers. I’m hoping to continue this trend into the new year with some interesting review titles. You can catch up on my 2016 Goodreads Challenge here.

I’m looking to upgrade my blog in the next few months, complete with mini redesign, and will be posting a reader survey in the new year to find out what you’d like to see more/less of. If you’ve gone from free to self-hosted WordPress, do let me know how it went here.

One of my favourite posts to write this month was on mum guilt, again, as a response to other people’s ignorant comments. Always a pleasure!

christmas 2017

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic 2016 and that 2017 treats you well. I’ll be back on Sunday with my 2017 goals.

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