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What makes the perfect blog planner?

Having tried out the Paperchase blogger’s journal and the Dot Creates ultimate blog planner, and found both to be missing a little something, I got to wondering what makes the perfect blog planner. I’ve scoured various stationery websites and blogging resources to come up with a little collection of elements that I think would be great to have all in one place.

Let’s be honest, firstly it has to look good; that Instagram feed ain’t gonna fill itself! The Happily Ever Planner from Ohh Deer (£13.95) looks bleddy gorgeous on the outside.

happily ever planner from ohh deer

The cover is key and Zoella’s journal is by far one of the most beautiful out there. It’s currently on offer at Boots for £7.00 (so tempted).

zoella journal from boots

Of course, it has to look good on the inside too. The agenda is always a popular choice, with its title pages and colourful dividers.

bando 2017 agenda

In terms of page layout and organisation, I’d like to see a week on one page with a notes section on the facing page, much like this planner from Blogtacular, which I’ve been seriously tempted by. There’s only a few left and they’re £22.00.

blogtacular blog planner

The blog planner notepad from Dot Creates (£5.00) is great because it’s got everything you need to construct a blog post – I just need more than that in a full planner.

blog planner notepad from dot creates

The blogger mail and sponsored content notepads from That Lame Company are what most blog planners are missing and it bodes well for Chloe’s future blog planner. I check her social media everyday for updates!

blogger notepads from that lame company

The one I’ve been most tempted by is the blogger journal from COCOCHIC. She’s relaunched the journal this year to include access to a hub with further resources. The goals and stats sections are the best I’ve seen and it looks like she’s got all her bases covered. Ideally I’d like to something with more colour, which I appreciate will cost more to create, but I’m happy to spend £20 or £25 max on something which covers all of the above.

the blogger journal from cocochic

The race is on to see who’s going to come up with the perfect blog planner first!

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