Saturday Share #90

Lots of interesting reads this week, covering travel, self-care, inspiration, blogging and endometriosis; a fascinating mixed bag. Grab a brew and enjoy!

saturday share

When bloggers I love share people and products who inspire them, I’m gonna check them out, especially these recommendations from Jemma and Ali.

There are a few blog posts that have popped up at the perfect time for me while I’ve been working on my redesign, including Hannah’s post about blog content being good enough and Michelle’s post on Instagram themes.

I can’t resist having a nose at other people’s photos of Cornwall. This week I’ve been loving Anastasia’s Eden Project post and Anna’s post on Trevaunance Cove – I’ve never been!

If I were tempted to travel afield at the moment, Sophie, A Lady in London and Helen have some great tips with Leeds, Lisbon and Iceland.

Sometimes I really think I could do with a digital detox but it’s so hard when you’re a blogger and work in marketing. I’ve definitely been inspired by Jemma’s post on moments away from the screen though.

If you’re thinking about going down the homemade route for Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with Cathryn’s Prosecco Pavlova. Hint hint.

One of my favourite posts of the week is Jess’ on things that happen when you start to practice self-care. I’m always fascinated when someone shares a personal story about a condition I don’t know about. The courage of bloggers who have spoken out about mental health issues is astounding. This week I’ve been impressed with Charlotte’s post on her battle with endometriosis. I saw my mum struggle undiagnosed with the condition for years and it’s great to see an awareness-raising post.

Have you been inspired by a blogger this week?

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