Jenson, Mental Health, Parenthood

Self-Care Sunday #14

This is a face I’ve seen a lot of this week. I know I’ve mentioned sleep in my self-care tips before but in a week where I’ve been busy at work and had a not particularly well child on my hands while I’ve been at home, sleep has been key. I’ve left the dishes til morning, let the laundry basket overflow, neglected my blog and just let my son fall asleep in my arms. And it’s not just benefited me – I actually like falling asleep next to him. It’s comforting for both of us – for him knowing that I’m there and for me knowing that he’s ok. It also means I have a more restful sleep for the first few hours as I’m not constantly wondering when he’s going to wake up and want to come in our bed.

Jenson sleeping two years old

Many people say I’m making a rod for my own back and blah blah blah but when I speak to other parents who are co-sleeping I know it’s not doing any harm. And I know it’s not going to last forever.

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