Saturday Share #103

As I missed last week’s Saturday Share this week’s post is packed full of awesome blog posts you need to check out. It includes the usual travel and stationery porn plus some particularly inspiring reads. Enjoy!

saturday share

This week’s obligatory stationery and bujo porn comes to you from Me, him, the dog and a baby, Honestly Russell and ritewhileucan.

I can totally relate to Chloe’s post on not being in enough photos with her daughter and plan to rectify that.

I’ve coveted Alison’s wardrobe for a long time but now I want her home too!

My wanderlust has been out of control over the last fortnight. I swear everyone and their mother is off on their summer hols. I’ve been swooning over New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Sorrento.

Top advice this week: never stop dating. I think Luke and I have been out on our own two or three times so far this year. Must rectify that too!

One of the most useful posts of the week/fortnight comes from Rhianna Olivia and is all about setting your rates. Pin it for later!

The most relatable post was Kate’s post on body positivity. I feel like it’s something I champion and encourage a lot, and I’m keen to celebrate other women, but I’m crap at applying it to my own life.

On a similar note, I need more feminist books in my life!

The most inspiring post this week comes from Nicole and is on being kind. We should all strive to live like this.

And finally, here are some simple ways you can support others.

Which bloggers have inspired you lately?

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