Saturday Share #105

After missing last week’s reading round-up due to a whole host of giveaways (there’s still time to win some non-alcoholic goodies and a meal for two!), there’s a bumper Saturday Share for you this week.

saturday share

I hosted the #lbloggers chat last week and it inspired the lovely Gwennan to write a post. I’ve got a mental note to write a follow-up actually as the chat really helped me consider the future and growth of this blog.

I have read so many inspiring and uplifting posts over the last week or two which have really made me think about the way I see myself, including Beth Eve’s post on joy, Alex’s post on how we frame our lives, Sara’s post on defining your own success, Cat’s post on owning who you are and Lorna’s post on turning 30.

As always, I’ve been pinning more places to see, including Shoreditch, Provence and Mykonos.

I’ve also been inspired creatively, with Lauren Evie’s book prescriptions (such a fun post!), Jemma’s podcast recommendations (I’m totally checking out Gilmore Guys!) and Claire’s post on handwriting.

What new blogs have you stumbled across lately?

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