Mental Health

Self-Care #22

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that if you’re having a bad day/week or are struggling with your mental health you should go straight to the pub but there’s a lot to be said for a couple of cocktails with a friend. Even if they’re just mocktails (spoiler alert: mine were alcoholic!).

cocktails at the cornish barn

The other night I popped to one of my favourite bars for happy hour (two hours) with a friend and it was such a welcome break. We headed out just after 5 and were home by 8, such is the life of a parent, but just being away from work and family responsibilities for a couple of hours and drinking pretty drinks made all the difference. There’s only so much conversation you can squeeze in while you’ve got two toddlers to distract you!


And, in true Queen fashion, she had a little gift for yours truly for helping her out with something in the week. Where would we be without our Queens?

1 thought on “Self-Care #22”

  1. Absolutely agree! Nothing wrong with a little pick-me-up :) And it could well be the company as well as the alcohol that’s helping. That being said, a cold beer does wonders for me when I have an ‘episode’ even if I’m alone :)

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