A stationery wish list

You may remember that I used to do ‘item of the day’ posts, where I’d share my favourite finds. I recently decided to switch to semi-regular wish list posts instead. It’s been a while since the last one but I’ve continued to bookmark some of my favourite little treats and now it’s time to share them in an epic wish list post. Here’s your regular helping of stationery porn.

stationery wish list

Unicorn rubbers, Sainsburys, £2.00 | washi tape set, Fox + Star, £11.50
Daily sticky notes, Bureau Direct, £7.50 | Unicorn notebook, Paperchase, £8.00
Ideas journal, kikki.K, £12.00 | Pinboard, Typo, £25.00
Bear pencil case, Paperchase, £7.00
You’re doing a great job pen, Veronica Dearly, £2.00 | Notebook, Typo, £3.50
Slogan padfolio, Paperchase, £8.00 | Planner nerd stickers, Etsy, £1.99
Unicorn clipboard and pad, Paperchase, £6.00
Pom pom pen, Paperchase, £2.00

What item/s are you most drawn to?

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