Saturday Share #107

Take a break this weekend and catch up on these awesome blog posts, including books to change your life, a tasty shortbread recipe and body confidence.

saturday share

I love Lauren’s book posts. This week she wrote a collaborative post about books which changed our lives.

I have a few body image issues since having Jenson and I’ve really related to both Sophie and Emma-Louise’s posts on not always being body confident and being grateful for your body.

I need to go to Toronto just to visit Curiosa. On the theme of nerdiness, you might also want to check out Pepi’s unboxing of Wootbox Retro II.

Sure, stationery is pretty, but it can also help make you super productive. Like we need a reason to buy more! If you’re looking to increase your greetings card stash, check out Jules’ recommendations.

I love having a nose at people’s home offices and studios. Have you seen Ella’s latest set-up?

Want to bake yourself some tasty treats this weekend? You can’t go wrong with Helen’s Nutella swirled shortbread.

My favourite post this week comes from Babble and is on the importance of self-care for new mums.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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