Sweary stationery

The beady-eyed stationery addicts among you might remember a post earlier in the year where I showed off this super sexy and super sweary journal.

carpe fucking diem journals from abrams + chronicle

Well, Calligraphuck and Abrams + Chronicle have only gone and made more bleddy awesome sweary stationery!

calligraphuck sweary stationery

As you know, you can never have too much stationery, but when you have as much as I do you need to start prioritising what you use and make the most of the especially epic stuff. So these beauts are great for Monday motivation!

calligraphuck sweary stationery

I can be the queen of procrastination so it’s handy to have a constant reminder to get shit done*.

calligraphuck getting shit done

I love that everything is sweary, even down to the pencil.

calligraphuck getting shit done

calligraphuck getting shit done

My desk is always a state too, with pens and highlighters floating around everywhere, so it’s super-important that I keep my shit together*.

calligraphuck keeping your shit together

calligraphuck keeping your shit together

The range of stationery available at Abrams + Chronicle is incredible and I love that there are so many epic collections, so you can re-organise your desk with a whole new theme. I think this is my new stylish and sweary favourite. Cos it’s calligraphy it makes you fancy AF, right?

*I received these for review purposes and all sweary thoughts are my own

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