An epic Sainsburys stationery sale haul

So the other day I nipped to Sainsburys to pick up a click and collect (some clothes I’d ordered for Jenson THE DAY BEFORE the 25% off started. But whatevs) and figured it would be rude not to check if there were some stationery bargains to be had. And oh em gee I picked up a basket load – 18 items for £13.67!!!

sainsburys stationery sale

I’ve put some stuff away for gifts and future stationery swaps and also kept a couple of things for myself. Here’s a closer look.

sainsburys stationery sale

Desk planner (£1.20), week planner (90p), journal (60p), notebook (£1.50)

sainsburys stationery sale

I love the page layout of the journal. Swoon! I totally kept that one for myself.

sainsburys stationery sale

Notebook (£1.50), pencil pot (10p!), magnets (90p), pens (15p!), stickers (7p!),
A6 notebooks (60p each), push pins (60p)

So many of these came up even cheaper than what they were marked on the shelves – super bargains!!! I love the nib on the cover of the larger notebook and the multiple ribbons but I’m not sure how I feel about the croc cover – it’s in the maybe pile for now.

sainsburys stationery sale

Large planner (£1.05), clipboard planner (£1.50)

sainsburys stationery sale

Sticky notes (£1.20), alien tapes (15p), glitter tapes (90p), panda tapes (15p)

How cute are those sticky notes?

sainsburys stationery sale

Every time I’m in Sainsburys now I’ve got to wander the stationery aisles and keep an eye out for one of those cheeky little red sale tags.

5 thoughts on “An epic Sainsburys stationery sale haul”

  1. That pencil pot is very cute! Such a bargain too a 10p!! We don’t have a Sainsbury’s near us unfortunately or I’d snap one up.

  2. I am currently finishing off a notebook from Sainsburys’ that was reduced about a year ago and has the rear pocket, like Moleskine. Absolutely no bleed through at all with my Pilot ink cartridge pen, unlike the pricey Moleskine & Leuchtturm1917.

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