Saturday Share #125

I haven’t posted a Saturday Share for a couple of weeks as the blogosphere was a wee bit quiet with all the festivities. Now everyone’s back with their Christmas highlights and 2018 goals and there’s so much awesome! Here’s a look at my favourite blog posts from the last couple of weeks.

saturday share

If you’re sick of all the resolutions posts, here are a few with a difference. Kirsty’s post on being healthier in 2018 has given me food for thought. There’s also a trend amongst some bloggers to focus on a single word for the new year and have that word define their goals and ambitions. Gwennan’s post on ‘intention‘ is so inspiring, as is Jasmin’s post on ‘slow‘. Check out Geneva’s post on choosing your own word here.

If you’re looking to learn to love yourself in the new year, Alicia’s undertaking a 31-day self-love challenge – such a good idea. I recently started following her blog and definitely recommend checking it out. Kizzi May is a new favourite too.

Amber had her beautiful baby boy! I’ve been swooning over the photos a little bit and loved her post on her first week as a parent.

I love Little Paper Swans and Cathryn’s photos are never short of stunning, so I’m thrilled that she’s written a post on how she makes her photos so light and airy. She’s also about to start an online creative photography course – go sign up.

One of my favourite posts of the week is Sarah’s photos and notes on Montol, something I’ve never celebrated, despite having lived in Penzance for most of my 30 years. It’s always nice to see your hometown through someone else’s eyes.

What posts have you loved this week?

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