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January gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #43)

It’s so easy, when you’ve got a packed schedule or when you’re having a stressful week at work, to focus on the negatives. This week I’ve been focusing on the mum guilt because it took Jenson being sent home from nursery twice for me to take him to the doctors and find out that he had an ear infection. Bad mum alert. But today I want to focus on the positives. Earlier in the week my Happy Journal encouraged me to reflect on the good things from January, so here’s another sneaky peek inside my journal.

January 2018 gratitude (Happy Journal)

I think it’s so important to keep a regular gratitude journal to reflect back on. Here’s a look at what I was grateful for in January:

1. Star Wars date night
Luke and I had our first proper date night in over six months! Hopefully it won’t be six months until the next one. Not least because Ready Player One is out soon.

2. Increased blog views – over 1,000 in one week and the second highest monthly views ever!
To say I was pleased with the reception of my blog posts last month would be an understatement. My best views ever were from last May when I ran a week of giveaways for my blogaversary, so I think that’s pretty good going. I’d previously been getting 2,500-3,000 views a month and managed over 1,000 in the first week of the year, so I was pretty bleddy chuffed.

3. The best bath ever
A bubble bath seems like the simplest and easiest act of self-care but it’s a very rare luxury for me these days. A couple of weeks ago I had the ultimate bath, complete with bath bomb, fairy lights, candle and an inspiring podcast. It was awesome.

Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb

4. Sorting out my finances (well, at least clearing most debts/consolidating)
I was a proper grown up and booked a meeting at the bank to discuss consolidating my debts. I was pissing away £100 a month on minimum payments and overdraft charges without really clearing any actual debt. Now everything’s paid off and I’m repaying £100 a month on a loan instead. Winner!

5. Jenson learning to play nicely with Logan
I’ve mentioned in many of Jenson’s updates that he’s not great at playing with other kids and particularly likes to shove bigger kids when they come near him – likely in some kind of pre-emptive self-defense type thing. But over the last few weeks he’s played so nicely with his older cousin and even hugs him. So proud.

6. First two paid sponsorships!
In January I booked my first two paid sponsorships – and I booked another earlier this week. All it takes is for one to build your confidence. I can’t wait to reveal all in April.

7. New blog communities
I really wanted to engage more with other bloggers this year and have joined three book blogger Facebook groups. I’ve also started joining in on the #shinyhappybloggers, #theuncoolclub and #blogandbeyond Instagram hashtags and become more involved in Holly and Charlotte’s Facebook groups. I’ve already seen my Instagram engagement grow and I’ve added a lot of other blogs to my Bloglovin feed. I’ll be giving them all a mention in a dedicated blog post soon.

2018 goals - Get Your Shit Together

8. Family lunches
I’ve been spending more time with the fam lately and have been indulging in Sunday lunches while Luke has been working – #sorrynotsorry

9. Two swimming lessons
I expected to be out of action with Jenson’s swimming lessons while I wait for my rescheduled operation but I managed two swimming lessons in a row at the start of term, which was awesome.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? What do you use to keep track of precious memories?

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