Mental Health

March gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #49)

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is done. The fuck?

I have to admit, I didn’t love my Happy Journal as much this month. There’s a different theme for each month and the theme for March was choice and choosing to be happy. A lot of the prompts were also about change, what with the changing seasons and all. If you know me ‘in real life’, you’ll know I’m not much of a fan of change and try to avoid it most of the time, so it was hard for me to be inspired by the prompts. That said, I love the end of the month gratitude pages and there has been a lot to be thankful for.

March 2018 gratitude

I’m grateful for:

  • a successful operation (hopefully – I’ve got a follow-up on Tuesday)
  • the NHS and the lovely staff
  • sponsorship for National Stationery Week
  • caring family and friends who have helped out and spoiled me post-surgery
  • a happy and healthy son
  • safe travels in bad weather
  • the start of spring
  • Jenson’s stand-in swimming teacher
  • all of the chocolate (!)
  • Luke being a fantastic cook
  • falling in love with Instagram again

What were you grateful for last month?

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