Saturday Share #146

This week has been a bumper week of inspiration in the bloggersphere. I’m now on 11 days in a row away from the office and I’ve found so many great posts on slower living, growing the blog and experimenting in the kitchen.

saturday share

Yep, I said experimenting in the kitchen! Since my maternity leave ended more than two years ago I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve done more than bung a pizza in the oven (thanks, Luke!). But yesterday I went crazy and made banana bread – and it turned out great! So perhaps, now that I’ve got a bit more time over the next week, I might be tempted to try a few more things. You can’t go wrong with Katie’s two ingredient chocolate fudge bars and I love the look of Gem’s pasta salads.

From Roses is one of my favourite blogs and every week there is a new post that I can totally relate to as a fellow introvert. I loved Rebecca’s recent post on embracing the quiet, which is often hard to do as a working mum. I savour the opportunity wherever possible.

Similarly, I also find it hard to adopt the idea of slower living and really appreciated Kayte’s post. Now that I’ve got some time off work and no real plans, I’m planning on being a bit more spontaneous and just seeing where the mood takes us on a particular day. Over the last two days we’ve simply taken Jenson on walks and it’s been so much nicer than getting stressed out over taking him to the park only for him to have a paddy when it’s time to go or rushing about between shops.

I’m big on using journals to encourage and celebrate slower living and bookmarked Michelle’s review of A Book That Takes it Time for when I’ve got a few spare pennies.

Speaking of stationery, I’ve just signed up for Jocelyn’s latest stationery swap. I always have a load of fun with this and highly recommend it.

One of my favourite types of blog posts to read (and write) is a simple life update and I love Ashleigh’s idea of calling hers A Week of Wonderment.

Looking to grow your blog/Instagram? Jules has some great tips.

Lastly, I’m forever inspired by other bloggers’ photography and Charlotte is no exception. Check out her stunning spring photos.

What have you been inspired to try this week?

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