Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: three years old

My baby is three. Three! I say baby but the baby days are well and truly over now, right? I mean, he still spends most of the night in our bed but in every other aspect he’s pretty capable and independent. And defiant! I really do feel like I’ve got a threenager on my hands now, especially as he’s refusing to hold my hand when we walk down the street.

Jenson - newborn to three years old

He’s really thriving at nursery at the moment, making friends and coming out with new songs and phrases when we come to settle down at bedtime. It’s great to see how much he’s learning and growing in confidence. He seems to be regressing a bit at swimming though, flat out refusing to do anything other than jump and dive in the last two sessions. Now I’ve had the ok from the surgeon I’ll be back in the pool with him this week, so hopefully that’ll make a difference.

We’ve reached the stage now where he’s actually interested in bedtime stories rather than just flicking through and looking at pictures. He’s got a Frozen storybook which is his favourite and we have to read it every night at least twice. The other night he fell asleep at the end and I moved him to his own bed. He stirred when I put him down and asked for “Elsa story” so I reread a few pages and he fell straight back to sleep. So cute!

He got a balance bike for his birthday and we picked out a Minions helmet, which he loves, so hopefully that’ll encourage him to ride safely. We’re going to take him out on it properly this week if it’s dry. For now he’s happy riding it up and down the living room.

He had a pretty rough ten days or so around his birthday but has just finished his course of antibiotics, so hopefully we’ll see some improvements. The poor kid was barely eating, napping for the first time in months and just wanted to be held all the time. Not what we planned for his birthday week but I’m glad I was able to be with him at his worst. I guess it just goes to show that they still need you, even when they’re not babies.

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