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Jenson: 37 months old

I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with monthly updates once Jenson turned three but we’ll see how things pan out over the next couple of months. I may feature him more in my Friday Favourites or I might just do updates for his birthdays. I’m constantly debating with myself over how much is too much on the internet at this age and one day I may still take all of this down. Thoughts?

Dominoes pizza

Anyway, I thought I’d share some developmental stepping stones from the last few weeks. The biggest one is his speech; sometimes he comes out with words and phrases that I didn’t even know he knew. He says things like telephone, bicycle and supermarket instead of the shortened versions of the words and sounds so grown up. And he’s super polite, always saying please and thank you.

Going out on his bike is fun and I love seeing how much he learns each time. He’s starting to glide a bit more now, leaving his feet off the ground for longer periods each time, but whenever he picks up speed he prefers to just bail rather than put his feet down. It’s such a learning curve.

Jenson bike ride

Something he’s less keen on these days is swimming. He still gets excited for lessons and asks to go on mornings when we don’t swim but when it comes to certain parts of the lessons he just doesn’t want to join in, most notably when he has to go on his back. But he’s great at holding on to the bar and pushing off by himself and he’s always loved swimming underwater.

We’ve had our 30 hours at nursery confirmed from September so we’ve made the decision to increase his hours from 9-1 twice a week to three days a week, and then extend his days until 3pm from January. Hopefully this will build a good foundation for when he starts school the following September (I still can’t quite believe he starts pre-school in a couple of months). It’s crazy to think that soon we’ll have to start looking at schools. I went to have a sneaky peek at my nephew’s school the other day and the reception class looks so fun, although there’s another school or two which are a bit closer. I don’t think we’ll be moving anytime soon, or getting a car, so I guess the closer the better?

Longrock Beach

We keep Jenson in nursery all year round, rather than term-time only, because we think the consistency will help him as it took so long to settle. I’m also in work for the rest of the summer with no more annual leave, so we’ll be sure to savour our Thursdays as a family where we can go off and do something fun together. There are so many parks and beaches still to explore.

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    1. Such an interesting post. I’m definitely going to change things going forwards and consider how much of my archives I want to edit as a result.

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