Saturday Share #54

This week’s recommended reading includes thoughts on the Cornish tourism industry, body image, contraception and more.

saturday share

Cornwall relies on the tourism industry to keep itself going, yet I read an article earlier this week which said that tourism has actually become a problem. Too many people are heading to the same beaches, leading to overcrowding, and roads are becoming so busy that locals are struggling to get to work. As a Cornish lifestyle blogger, I was interested to read Anna’s post on promotion vs preservation, as I’ve always been a bit reluctant to share some of my favourite quieter spots for fear of it becoming over-run.

The Wellbeing Journal looks fantastic.

Helen’s post on seasonal photography is so inspiring. It’s given me food for thought for family Christmas presents this year.

I’m always interested to read about other people’s contraception journeys, and Rhianna’s was a great addition to the collection. Word of mouth is the best source of info for me when it comes to changing things up and it’s helpful now that I’m struggling with my implant. I’m currently having a one week break between periods (I know, right!) and am trying the pill alongside the implant to try and settle things back down. Wish me luck!

Cat is one of my fave bloggers. Our blogs are similar in age and we’ve both always been a bit nerdy – plus I find her relatable AF. Her post on body image is a fantastic call to high street stores to cater for more sizes.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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