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Jenson’s Christmas list

Wow, this Christmas is so different to last year already. For a start, Jenson can tell us what he’d like for Christmas. Secondly, he knows who Father Christmas is – and he’s been ‘calling’ him since the start of October telling him what’s on his list. From the start it’s been a Paw Patrol Lookout Tower, Paw Patroller and pups. Then, when I had to take him in to Sainsburys during the toy sale, he added on a big fire engine. Then we started watching more Paw Patrol episodes and he started asking for more merch (damn you, kids’ TV!).

He’s pretty easy to please though. As well as Paw Patrol he’s really into Fireman Sam, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, The Secret Life of Pets and he’s just rediscovered Moana. Beyond film and TV, he’s generally into rescue vehicles, trains, dinosaurs, anything that makes a mess… Activity books are great because they hold his attention for a bit and they’re handy to take out with us if we plan on stopping at a cafe. Now that he’s in pre-school, he’ll be starting to learn phonics, so I’m hoping that using his favourite characters will encourage him to learn.

Here’s a fun selection of favourites (all available on Amazon – affiliate links).

Jenson's Christmas list 2018

Duggee character toys, £9.99 each
Duggee dressing gown, £16.95
Thomas Daring Dragon Drop, £26.52
Paw Patrol rescue training centre, £14.99
Ben & Holly rocket, £19.99
Thomas magnet book, £7.09 (also available: Ben & Holly and Fireman Sam)
Ben & Holly Fairytale sticker activity book, £3.68 (also available: Outdoor Explorers sticker activity book and Holly’s Lost Wand search-and-find book)
Fireman Sam pop-out play book, £5.99
Paw Patrol phonics flash cards, £5.99
Paw Patrol phonics tablet, £19.50
Paw Patrol wipe-clean numbers, £3.98 (also available: wipe clean alphabet, activity book and Peppa Pig wipe-clean writing)
Secret Life of Pets toys, three for £27.33
Duplo Mater’s Shed, £16.99

I already can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning. I think it’s also going to be the last time we can get away with not being up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. Wish us luck!

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