A few of my favourite things #85

Ugh, don’t you just hate spring colds? Being stuck at home all weekend with a poorly three year old when you’re feeling like shit yourself isn’t at all fun. But every cloud – I managed to squeeze a film in. Here’s a look back at some favourites from last week.

Easter treats

Before Germapalooza struck, we caught up with some of the family and Jenson’s Auntie Domi made us an awesome Easter gift basket. Yep, we’ve already got stuck in.

Easter 2019


I love a cheeky trip to the cinema on a Thursday afternoon. It was busier than usual because of the Easter holidays but still not exactly packed. We saw Shazam, which I’d been excited about for months. It wasn’t the best comic book film but still loads of fun, thanks in large part to the wonderful Zachary Levi and the fantastic young cast. I particularly loved the homage to Big and appearance from Adam Brody. Two of my dorky TV faves.

BLOOM your message giveaway

I reviewed some fantastic sustainable stationery from BLOOM your message earlier in the week. This Dutch brand is awesome and packs tiny seeds into their greetings cards – such a great idea! I’ve planted a few and can’t wait to see them grow. And you can win some yourself. Just head to the post for more details – closes midnight on Wednesday.

BLOOM your message

Pitch Perfect

The only time Jenson naps is when he’s poorly so I thought I was in for a break over the weekend. No such luck, although he was super dopey and tired, so I managed to get away with something I wanted to watch. I finally saw Pitch Perfect! I’ve had the first two films on DVD for a while but just never got round to popping them on. It was such a fun film and I’m going to make an effort to watch the second one soon.

National Stationery Week prep

Just two weeks to go until National Stationery Week! I’ve got a week of reviews, discounts and giveaways planned and I swear I’m getting more excited by the day. I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks on my Stories soon and revealing all in a special NSW e-newsletter on Friday 26 April. Sign up to my mailing list before then to be the first to hear what’s coming up – plus all subscribers will be entered into a mailing-list exclusive stationery giveaway. The prize is a surprise but will include a pencil case, pencil, notebook, two greetings cards and more.

National Stationery Week 2019

Bring on the new week – and, most importantly, the return of Game of Thrones!

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