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As you all know, I’m a massive stationery nerd, and this year I’ve been exploring my creative side with hand lettering. It’s something I’ve been dipping in and out of over the last few months and, when I get a chance to practice, I find it really therapeutic. Plus I love learning new things.

I’d like to get to the level where I can make my own cards and prints (not to sell, just for my own use), and to jazz up my bullet journal a smidge. I think what will help me get there is a bit of structure and a community, so I was excited to read about the launch of Simply Lettering, which already has a Facebook community of fellow stationery nerds eager to learn.

Simply Lettering is the UK’s first magazine dedicated to hand lettering and modern calligraphy, covering everything from beautiful cards and home décor to journaling and planners. To celebrate the launch (issue 1 is released on Thursday 18 July), Simply Lettering have teamed up with a plethora of hand lettering and journaling bloggers to take you on a week-long blog hop and giveaway, and to inspire you to take a little time out of your busy schedules and try your hand at modern calligraphy.

Today it’s Staedtler’s turn and I’ve teamed up with them to update you on my lettering journey and share a few tips.

1. Treat yo’self to some new pens

I’ve been using my STAEDTLER lettering pens since April and I’m pleased to be able to see some progress. They’re double-ended, with a fine tip at one end and brush at the other, which varies from 1mm to 6mm.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

2. Find something you like the look of and have a go

I’m still working on free-handing so like to find quotes online to copy.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

3. Practice makes perfect

I find some letters trickier than others so have been practicing the letter p and trying to find a style that works for me.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

4. Develop your own style

My practice book doesn’t have a dot grid, so I’m probably making it harder for myself when it comes to getting the hang of sizing and spacing. I was reminded of Christine’s comment about embracing this and finding a way to incorporate this in my own style.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

I quite like practicing the same letter combinations over and over. I’m hoping that, if I keep at it, it will become a bit of a reflex thing and won’t require much thought. Wish me luck!

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

5. Try new things

I’m also working on blending colours. If you touch the brush tips of two different colours together, you can get a lovely blend effect. It takes a while to get the hang of the timing but it’s really fun.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

Rainbow writing might be my new favourite thing! When I’ve built my confidence, I’d love to make some artwork for Jenson’s walls.

Brush lettering with Staedtler - review

I’ve had so much fun with these pens and I’m looking forward to trying new techniques with them as I work through the first issue of the magazine.


I’m so excited about the launch of Simply Lettering and really impressed with their rather epic giveaway. Here’s a look at what you could get your mitts on:

  • 3 Annual Subscriptions to Simply Lettering Magazine worth over £50 each
  • Luxury Calligraphy Kit from Kirsten Burke worth £35
  • 2 sets of TomBow pens from CraftStash worth over £40
  • 3 sets of Nuvo Aquaflow pens worth £11.99 each
  • 1 Subscription to Simply Cards & Papercraft worth over £60
  • A set of Karin Markers from Lou Collins worth over £20
  • Colour Happy Box from Edding UK worth £20
  • A selection of Papercraft Magazines from Die-cutting Essentials, Papercraft Essentials and Creative Stamping – worth over £20
  • 2 packs of Double Ended Calligraphy Pens from Staedtler worth over £23
  • Lamy Safari and a 30ml bottle of Diamine ink from Leanne Cork worth over £20
  • A set of four Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens – For the Love of Letters from Sue Smith!
  • A set of 5 pens from Chameleon pens worth over £20!

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous gifts, simply comment on the blog hop post and add a comment each day to the featured bloggers and brands (details below) who are sharing inspiring projects and advice as we countdown to the launch.

Who’s on the blog hop?

Thursday 11th July

Friday 12th July

Leanne Cork

Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine

Saturday 13th July

Papercraft Magazines

A Journal by Annie

Ada Dream Letters

Sunday 14th July


Journal With Purpose – Helen Colebrook

Monday 15th July


Lou Collins

The Preposterous Pigeon

Tuesday 16th July (you are here!)

Kirsten Burke


Wednesday 17th July (your next stop on the blog hop)

Sue Smith Creative Design

Blink Lettering

Chameleon Pens

LAUNCH DAY! Thursday 18th July

Simply Lettering Magazine

What can you expect from the mag?

Every issue of Simply Lettering comes with at least 15 step-by-step projects to inspire and delight, and includes practice sheets to help readers master each script and style. The magazine also features pens and project kits, so readers can start creating right away.

Coming up in issue 1:

Inside your 68-page magazine they will show you how to master hand lettering, with 21 step-by-projects for you to try.

  • Colour-blending masterclass with Lou Collins
  • Interviews with Kirsten Burke, Paul Antonio, James Lewis & Ian Barnard
  • Gift wrap and tags featuring faux calligraphy
  • How to set up the perfect journaling page with resident expert Helen Colebrook
  • How to add shadows to your lettering
  • Chalkboard effects explained
  • Fountain pen basics
  • Quilled typography
  • Brush lettering starter set featuring two dual-tipped brush pens
  • 32-page pack featuring practice sheets, alphabets and templates

My first subscriber issue arrived yesterday and I had a quick flick through before scheduling this post. It’s pretty impressive, let me tell ya! I’ve shared some sneaky flip-throughs over on my Stories and I’ll also be sharing plenty of updates of my progress over the next month. Here’s a brief look at the inside of the mag and workbook.

Inside Simply Lettering issue 1

Inside Simply Lettering issue 1

Inside Simply Lettering issue 1

Who’s excited?

39 thoughts on “Simply Lettering magazine launch! [sponsored]”

    1. 😊 I hope that sharing my journey from the beginning will encourage more people to give it a go rather than risk falling into the comparison trap and just seeing end results on Instagram.

    1. Thanks ❤ That’s what I’m trying to do on the blog. I know it’s so easy to feel discouraged when you see perfect lettering. Hopefully seeing someone start from scratch is somewhat reassuring and inspiring 😊

  1. Ahhhh I need these now! I’m a bit of a staedtler junkie!
    More expence thanks blog hop
    Lol no actually thanks great to see someone properly practicing and still loving the inspiration

  2. Loving the colours, I too love stationary and these pens look fabulous. Lovely to see you finding your own style, as this is something I struggle with.

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