The Displaced edited by Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Displaced: The most important book of the year

Rarely do I read a book and immediately wish I could gift the whole world a copy. It happened with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists (fortunately I can at least forward everyone a link to the TED Talk) and it's happened again with The Displaced*. Edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh… Continue reading The Displaced: The most important book of the year

200 Women
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Books for feminists of all ages

Something happened to me when I had a baby. I've always been very strong-willed, demanded equality for women and am quick to counteract 'banter' but this determination and passion has evolved somewhat. I've become more aware of the gender stereotypes enforced on children and how women are treated differently as they get older; regardless of… Continue reading Books for feminists of all ages

Your Silver jewellery subscription review
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Your Silver jewellery subscription [review + giveaway]

I love supporting local businesses and being able to offer my readers some fab giveaways, so when Your Silver* got in touch to discuss their new jewellery subscriptions I jumped at the chance. The owners previously ran jewellery stores in Truro and St Ives and have recently made the move to online jewellery subscriptions -… Continue reading Your Silver jewellery subscription [review + giveaway]

We Should All Be Feminists
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#FeministBookFortnight: A wish list

I re-joined my local library days ahead of Feminist Book Fortnight and now my world has suddenly opened up in terms of reading potential. I've been struggling with a budget recently which has curtailed my spending on anything other than bills and food and now I can read again - beyond the titles which lovely… Continue reading #FeministBookFortnight: A wish list

saturday share
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Saturday Share #47

This morning I discovered that today marks the start of Feminist Book Fortnight, so of course I've rescheduled a bunch of posts for the next two weeks. I can't let an awesome campaign like that pass me by! But what exactly is Feminist Book Fortnight, I hear you ask? It's a celebration of feminist books,… Continue reading Saturday Share #47

Jenson bike ride

Friday Favourites #46

Over the last week I've really appreciated how lucky I am to live where I do. It's easy to assume that Cornwall is simply stunning scenery and borderline tropical but we actually live in a pretty poor part of the county. Fortunately no amount of second homes and closed high street stores will ruin the… Continue reading Friday Favourites #46

Using my bullet journal to organise my reading
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How I use my bullet journal to track my reading

Between tracking reviews of books I've already left, tackling my growing TBR shelf and prioritising books on my never-ending wish list, my bullet journal comes in pretty handy. Sure, I have my Goodreads app and Amazon wish list but it's so nice to have everything in one place. And colour-coded! I use my bullet journal… Continue reading How I use my bullet journal to track my reading

Bing bedtime books
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What Jenson has been reading lately #2

Jenson is a massive bookworm and it's hardly surprising, given that one of my favourite pastimes as a kid was going to the library and taking out the maximum amount of books. It doesn't bother me that the TV is nearly always on when we're at home and he knows how to use my smartphone… Continue reading What Jenson has been reading lately #2

Breathe magazine and Nature Journal review and giveaway
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Breathe magazine and Nature Journal review + giveaway

I've been a fan of Breathe magazine since the first issue. For me, it's self-care personified, giving me the chance to escape from the world for a little bit, whether I'm reading it in bed, in the bath, or on a busy bus. Just the act of reading it is relaxing and it's always packed… Continue reading Breathe magazine and Nature Journal review + giveaway