One of Us is Lying book review

Blogger Book Nook #8 Murder in the Library

Everyone loves a good mystery, right? Is there anything more satisfying than figuring it out before the big reveal or do you like to be kept guessing until the end? In case you couldn't tell, this month the Blogger Book Nook group is discussing crime/thriller novels. 1. Who is your favourite fictional detective and why?… Continue reading Blogger Book Nook #8 Murder in the Library

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Personalised alphabet poster from Wonderbly

Growing up I had a personalised story book and it was/is the coolest thing. It featured my family and friends as characters - even little ol' me! So when Wonderbly released My Golden Ticket last year I had to get my hands on a copy and write myself and Jenson into the story. They have… Continue reading Personalised alphabet poster from Wonderbly

Posters for Change book review

A picture is worth a thousand words

If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words then it's no wonder that campaign posters have the power to incite change. Following the increased waves of activism around the time of the 2016 Presidential Election, Princeton Architectural Press put out a call for designers to contribute to a collection of tear-out posters. Nearly 300… Continue reading A picture is worth a thousand words

The Displaced book review

10 reasons why you need to read The Displaced

Despite the troubling time in which we live, we're fortunate that publishers such as Abrams are providing a platform for minority voices. Last year saw the release of the likes of Why I March and 200 Women and this month sees the publication of The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives, in time for the… Continue reading 10 reasons why you need to read The Displaced

Stamp Garden by Coralie Bickford-Smith
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Updating my bullet journal for spring

If you want to update your bullet journal for spring, look no further than Coralie Bickford-Smith's Stamp Garden. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not gifted artistically - I'm all about the words. But I like things to look nice, so when Abrams + Chronicle offered me the chance to review Coralie Bickford-Smith's Stamp Garden,… Continue reading Updating my bullet journal for spring

100 Books That Changed the World by Scott Christianson and Colin Salter

Book review: 100 Books That Changed the World

It feels kinda meta, reviewing a book about books, but, as a bookworm, I can't resist this kind of non-fiction. 100 Books that Changed the World taught me a lot and inspired me to try some previously unheard of titles. 100 Books that Changed the World is an exceptional collection of groundbreaking works that have… Continue reading Book review: 100 Books That Changed the World


Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

A few weeks ago, Chloe completed the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag and I immediately wanted to answer the questions myself, so here goes. What is a popular book or series that you didn’t like? I like most of the books I've read - I'm pretty good at selecting something that I'll enjoy. Or maybe that… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

In the Moment magazine review
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In the Moment [Self-Care Sunday #48]

A few weeks ago I subscribed to In the Moment magazine. It had popped up on my feed a few times and I'd passed it in Sainsburys but never stopped to pick up a copy. I couldn't argue with five issues for £5 and thought it would be an interesting change for the commute. My… Continue reading In the Moment [Self-Care Sunday #48]

Harry Potter the the Philosopher's Stone - Hufflepuff edition

Blogger Book Nook #7 Books to screen

At the start of the year I joined a couple of book blogger communities and, I have to say, the Blogger Book Nook is my favourite. I like that there's no pressure to read a certain book - rather, monthly posts are based on a theme (this month it's adaptations) and everyone is free to… Continue reading Blogger Book Nook #7 Books to screen

Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva
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Happier Thinking [Self-Care Sunday #47]

I used to be quite dubious about any book that claimed to have anything to do with mindfulness or self-help but I've actually learned a lot from some of these books in the last year. When Lana Grace Riva offered me a review copy of her book, Happier Thinking, I thought it would make a… Continue reading Happier Thinking [Self-Care Sunday #47]