the sooty show backpack
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Item of the day: The Sooty Show backpack

Someone got on my bus the other day with a Sooty and Sweep backpack and I was speechless. It looked very well worn too so obviously the girl wearing it was super cool. And you can get one from the Sooty Show website!!! The Sooty Show backpack, £12.00 Follow me on: Facebook | Twitter |… Continue reading Item of the day: The Sooty Show backpack

finding audrey by sophie kinsella
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Friday Favourites #36

Not gonna lie, this week has been rough. I've found out what it's like to be poorly at the same time as your child - man, is it hard! But there have still been some highlights. Here's this week's Friday Favourites. 1. Being looked after. Yeah, it was 'just a cold', but it was the… Continue reading Friday Favourites #36

grumpy bear tshirt from truffle shuffle
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Item of the day: Grumpy Bear t-shirt from Truffle Shuffle

As someone who suffers from Resting Bitch Face, it's almost like Truffle Shuffle made this t-shirt just for me! It's also available as a sweater. Grumpy Bear t-shirt, £19.99 Follow me on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin

bmo light up journal from amazon
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Item of the day: BMO light-up journal from Amazon

You know what's better than a plain old notebook? A BMO journal! And you know what's even better than that? One that lights up! This may well be the coolest journal I've ever seen! Thanks, Amazon! BMO light-up journal, £15.84 I'd love it if you could take five minutes to complete my reader survey. You'll… Continue reading Item of the day: BMO light-up journal from Amazon

saturday share_blue
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Saturday Share #83

The blogosphere is so relatable and inspiring, always encouraging me to be a better writer. Here's what I've loved reading this week. Oh so many relatable blog posts this week. Like Sophie I often wonder where I fit into the world of blogging, Molly's Gilmore Girls addiction is me a few weeks ago and my… Continue reading Saturday Share #83

breathe magazine issue 4
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Friday Favourites #31

I'm sitting down to write this post at 9.30pm on Thursday* and it's the first time I've lifted the lid on my laptop all week (thank you, scheduled posts!) and, as of two hours ago, this is the first bit of time I've had to myself this week. Jenson has had a cold and hasn't… Continue reading Friday Favourites #31

the geeky chef cookbook from firebox
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Item of the day: The Geeky Chef Cookbook from Firebox

Here's a fun cookbook to add to your collection. Ever wanted to recreate meals from your favourite films and TV shows? Now you can thanks to The Geeky Chef Cookbook from Firebox. It's £12.99. They also stock a book on cocktails from the movies. Sounds like a winning dinner party combo to me!

new pop vinyls
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Item of the day: New Pop Vinyls from I Want One of Those

New Pop Vinyls alert! IWOOT mentioned the new Beauty and the Beast and Powerpuff Girls Pop Vinyls in their newsletters but when I headed over to the website I also spotted Gwenpool, Batgirl and everyone's favourite Lost antihero, Sawyer! Oh my! They start at £9.99.

mousehole lights 2017
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Friday Favourites #27

Another week, another Friday Favourites finished in the wee hours of Saturday morning. To say it's been the most stressful Christmas Eve Eve we've ever had would be an understatement. Less than 12 hours ago, our top floor bathroom carpet was soaked, water had streamed down the walls of Jenson's bedroom underneath and was pouring… Continue reading Friday Favourites #27