a family day in marazion

Some of my favourite places in Cornwall

Seeing as it's St Piran's Day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to update my list of Cornish favourites. Here's a round-up of some of my favourite places to eat, drink and be merry. A place I keep going back to is Trevaskis Farm - great for a wander with the kiddo to look… Continue reading Some of my favourite places in Cornwall

Aardman Presents: A Grand Experience at Land's End

A Grand Day Out at Land’s End

Last week we were invited to Land's End to review a new interactive family attraction, starring much-loved characters from Oscar-winning animation studio Aardman. New for half-term, and available throughout the 2018 season, the ‘Aardman Presents: A Grand Experience’ attraction features the iconic Wallace, Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Morph. There's something for all ages, with… Continue reading A Grand Day Out at Land’s End

Christmas lights
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The Magic of Christmas

I'm guilty of posting a highlights reel a lot of the time when it comes to life with Jenson. Although I've discussed the reality of miscarriage, life with a newborn, colic and c-section recovery, most of the photos you see focus on the good times rather than the tantrums that occur seconds before or after… Continue reading The Magic of Christmas

Trevena Cross festivities
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Festive fun at Trevena Cross

I've been feeling all kinds of festive this year. As I've grown up, Christmas has lost some of that childish magic but now that Jenson is a bit older (it's his third Christmas), I've started to recapture some of that youthful wonder and excitement. Yesterday we went to Trevena Cross with my brother, his girlfriend… Continue reading Festive fun at Trevena Cross

30th birthday badge
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How I spent my 30th birthday

In case I didn't mention it enough already, I turned 30 last week. To celebrate/commiserate, I took the week off work and ended up with more plans in 11 days than I usually do in 11 months! For those of you who like photos of cocktails and stationery, here's a look at how I spent… Continue reading How I spent my 30th birthday

Etsy Made Local St Ives 2017
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Etsy Made Local St Ives 2017

I've always loved supporting small businesses where possible and have spent much of the last year championing local creatives. I've built a great relationship with some of the lovely Etsy sellers in Cornwall and last night I was able to put some more faces to names. This weekend sees the return of Etsy Made Local… Continue reading Etsy Made Local St Ives 2017

outlaw 2017
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More reasons to support small businesses this Christmas [Outlaw 2017]

Last month I wrote a post on why you should support small businesses this Christmas and I'm pleased to say that my Christmas shopping is nearly finished and approximately 75% of what I've purchased is from small businesses. I don't think that's too shabby, especially as most of that remaining 25% is Duplo and Peppa… Continue reading More reasons to support small businesses this Christmas [Outlaw 2017]

Me and Jenson Trevaskis Farm
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Jenson: 29 months old

Wow, Jenson's age in months is equal to my age in years! And I feel like he's really grown up a lot in the last month too. He's coming out with new words every day and is even stringing a few together, such as 'ready, steady, go!' and 'where gone?', plus he can recognise loads… Continue reading Jenson: 29 months old

my life in photos - september 2017
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My life in photos: September 2017

I've always loved September. I think it's the whole 18 years in education, followed by five years of working in higher education, that always makes it feel like the start of a new year. It's the changing seasons too; it's kinda magical! Here's a look back at our September. I started the month with a… Continue reading My life in photos: September 2017

a sunny afternoon in Mousehole, Cornwall
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A sunny afternoon in Mousehole

After all my moaning last Friday about not doing fun things with Jenson, I soon remembered that there's plenty of fun to be had for no money - when the weather is good. I spent the Bank Holiday weekend ticking 'playing on the beach' and 'picnic in the park' off my summer bucket list and… Continue reading A sunny afternoon in Mousehole