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New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

So I was just browsing the internet, as you do, going from one link to another, and I can't remember how but I came across a watercolour print of one of my favourite characters ever - 10 Things I Hate About You's Kat. And that's not all. The artist, Oh Gosh Cindy, has created watercolour… Continue reading New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

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What I’ve been watching lately: Part 2 of 2

Last week I blogged about some of the awesome geeky shows I've been watching lately - and there's more! If you're looking for a new Netflix favourite or something else to catch up on on demand, look no further! I first started watching Chuck when I moved in with Luke - he had the first… Continue reading What I’ve been watching lately: Part 2 of 2

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Four Things

I've seen this post doing the rounds on a few blogs lately and have borrowed from Life Outside London. If you're writing a similar post, leave me a link below! Four movies I have watched more than once Whip It - made me fall in love with roller derby Hitch - I can recite this… Continue reading Four Things

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What I’ve been watching lately: Part 1 of 2

Although I'm not getting to the cinema much these days, I'm watching a helluva lot at home, especially now I'm on maternity leave. I thought I'd share my favourite TV shows with you in case there are some you've been missing. This week I'm focusing on the 'nerdier' shows - spoiler free. Enjoy! I've just… Continue reading What I’ve been watching lately: Part 1 of 2


What the eff is up with the Supergirl trailer?!

I just saw the Supergirl trailer and oh em gee, what the fuck is all that about? Remember the spoof Black Widow trailer which Scarlett Johansson made for Saturday Night Live? Ya know, cos there are no female-led superhero flicks and the world thinks that this kinda shit wouldn't sell cos it'd be all Devil… Continue reading What the eff is up with the Supergirl trailer?!

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Follow Friday #11

Lots more loveliness from the blogosphere this week as I've got a couple of weeks to catch up on! Take a peek at my highlights Books Oh, happy day! Anna Kendrick is writing a book! - Hello Giggles Book Review: Station Eleven - Free Borboleta Amazon's 100 Books to Read In a Lifetime - List… Continue reading Follow Friday #11

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Follow Friday #9

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend catching up on posts on Bloglovin but here's what I've managed to catch in the middle of the madness that has been the last couple of weeks - lots of tips for fellow bloggers! Blogging JC Tech: What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Twitter - Jasmin Charlotte… Continue reading Follow Friday #9

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Follow Friday #7

I missed a week again so my Bloglovin feed is loooong! I try and keep the list short by skimming through it in the morning and marking the less interesting-looking ones as read but actually finding the time to read the others is hard! Here are some of my favourite posts. Baby RIE parenting craze… Continue reading Follow Friday #7


Blog posts I’ve loved lately

I'm still not blogging particularly regularly at the moment (I'm working on feeling more awake while pregnant) but hopefully things'll pick up a bit while I have almost two weeks off for Christmas. I don't see the point in backdating my highlights of the weeks posts so here are some of the posts I've bookmarked… Continue reading Blog posts I’ve loved lately

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New favourite Etsy shop: Dottie Rocks

I've just discovered Dottie Rocks on Etsy, home to some (more!) pretty effing awesome pencils and gorgeous gold prints. Check 'em out! Wuthering Heights pencils, £7.50 New Girl pencils, £5.00 Audrey Hepburn pencils, £6.50 Audrey Hepburn quote print, £10.00 Marilyn Monroe quote print, £10.00 Lana Del Rey quote print, £10.009