Item of the day: Duck Egg Beautiful Birds bed linen

Duck Egg Beautiful Birds bed linen from Dunelm MillI would love to have a typically beautiful bedroom. You know, the girly type – something a bit frilly and floral. Unfortunately, myself and the boyfriend have an agreement that ‘communal’ rooms aren’t splashed with ‘girly shit’. My pink Audrey Hepburn canvas hangs above the stairs and I have a couple of cushions on my ‘reading chair’ in the living room, but other than that, all of the ‘girly’ stuff is in my office. The bedroom has been various shades of brown and beige for a couple of years now. I’m not saying we need to have a Cath Kidston theme throughout, but maybe something like this Duck Egg Beautiful Birds bed linen from Dunelm Mill would be a good compromise? The colour isn’t too feminine and the birds aren’t particularly overbearing. How do you rate my chances? Prices range from £24.99 for a kingsize duvet set to £29.99+ for a pair of curtains. We don’t need the extra bedspread and cushions, so I reckon that’s a pretty good deal! In fact, we could probably get plain duck egg curtains and stick to just the bed linen! Hmmm…

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