Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Stranger Things, nursery creations and all of the (unread) books #LittleLoves

I'm going to start this week's Little Loves with a little moan because once this post gets underway I want to focus on the things that have made me smile - that's what these posts are all about! For those of you following the surgery trials and tribulations, I got a bit cocky last week… Continue reading Stranger Things, nursery creations and all of the (unread) books #LittleLoves

Stationery swap February 2018

Stationery swap [February 2018]

I just can't help myself when it comes to Jocelyn's #BringBackPaper activities. Just there mere mention of the words 'stationery swap' or 'book swap' and I'm there! So, of course, I signed up for last month's stationery swap. I was partnered with Kathryn from Bookworm and Theatre Mouse and sent her the following: a magnetic… Continue reading Stationery swap [February 2018]

Harry Potter the the Philosopher's Stone - Hufflepuff edition

Blogger Book Nook #7 Books to screen

At the start of the year I joined a couple of book blogger communities and, I have to say, the Blogger Book Nook is my favourite. I like that there's no pressure to read a certain book - rather, monthly posts are based on a theme (this month it's adaptations) and everyone is free to… Continue reading Blogger Book Nook #7 Books to screen

Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva
Books, Mental Health

Happier Thinking [Self-Care Sunday #47]

I used to be quite dubious about any book that claimed to have anything to do with mindfulness or self-help but I've actually learned a lot from some of these books in the last year. When Lana Grace Riva offered me a review copy of her book, Happier Thinking, I thought it would make a… Continue reading Happier Thinking [Self-Care Sunday #47]

saturday share

Saturday Share #135

Oversharing, self-love and doing you - just some of the interesting topics to come out of the blogosphere this week. I found Charlotte's post on oversharing so relatable. What does it mean for good old fashioned conversation when people can read about your antics online? But then who's to say that that's all that's happening… Continue reading Saturday Share #135

Mother's Day

Happier Thinking, MTV Rocks and Mother’s Day #LittleLoves

You'll never believe it - I finally had my operation! There's not a lot of exciting stuff to report for this week's Little Loves but I've got a few things to share. Read: Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva. I've got a full review post coming on Sunday so I'll just leave you with a… Continue reading Happier Thinking, MTV Rocks and Mother’s Day #LittleLoves

Free comic book haul
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Free comic book haul

A couple of weeks ago my neighbour had a clear out and left a massive box of comic books on her doorstep - for nice nerds only. Now, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I like to think I'm a nice nerd - so I took about half the box! I sorted… Continue reading Free comic book haul

Blippo stationery review and giveaway
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Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]

I'm a massive stationery nerd, that much should be obvious by now, but what I especially love is cute and Instagrammable stationery, which Blippo does by the bucket load. Seriously. Their kawaii goodies (and it's not just stationery) are so flipping cheap - and they ship to the UK for free! I could quite literally… Continue reading Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]

Penguin Modern

Something old and something new with Penguin Modern

Never has it been so easy to be a bookworm. If, like me, you're a sucker for a stylish cover and a bargain, you need to check out Penguin's new Modern series. With 50 titles at just £1 each (I know, right!), you can sample a classic writer's work in a bitesize chunk. Don't fancy… Continue reading Something old and something new with Penguin Modern

Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood

Some thoughts on parenting for Mothers Day

Parenting. It's a full-time job (make that 24/7) and sometimes it can feel like there are no benefits. No financial pay. No annual leave. No sick leave. When you become a parent you can expect to have no more days off and you don't have the 'luxury' of being ill. Nappies still need changing, laundry… Continue reading Some thoughts on parenting for Mothers Day