Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volumes 1 and 2
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Rebel girls

This year I have been inspired by so many rebel girls - writers, politicians, activists, actresses... There's a reason why 'feminism' is Merriam-Webster dictionary's word of the year and why a group of brave women have been named as Time's 'person' of the year. It really is the year of the women. Unfortunately, these stories… Continue reading Rebel girls

Essential stationery from Say Nice Things

Stationery essentials from Say Nice Things

The lovely chaps from Say Nice Things sent me an early Christmas present the other day. They recently launched a stationery essentials kit, packed with everything you need for your studies or office job (raise your hand if you hate the generic office supplies!). You can buy it as a pack or as separate items.… Continue reading Stationery essentials from Say Nice Things

Lit Chat review

Lit Chat #2

Welcome to part two of my Lit Chat series (check out part one here). This the series where I select a few of my Lit Chat cards* and discuss reading habits and book-related memories, amongst other bookish things, and invite you to join in. Do leave me a comment at the end or link up… Continue reading Lit Chat #2

Trevena Cross festivities
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Festive fun at Trevena Cross

I've been feeling all kinds of festive this year. As I've grown up, Christmas has lost some of that childish magic but now that Jenson is a bit older (it's his third Christmas), I've started to recapture some of that youthful wonder and excitement. Yesterday we went to Trevena Cross with my brother, his girlfriend… Continue reading Festive fun at Trevena Cross

UK Blog Awards

My bloggers of the year

I follow nearly 200 blogs on Bloglovin, from A Beautiful Chaos to Zen Scribbles. I had a semi-recent cull and unfollowed old URLs or those who hadn't posted for six months and the total still stands at 186. As I scroll through the list of blogs I follow, maybe 20 or so stand out as… Continue reading My bloggers of the year

saturday share

Saturday Share #123

The blogosphere is getting all kinds of festive, with some fab gift guides and other holiday highlights. In amongst all the Blogmas posts you can also spot a few inspiring lifestyle gems. Here's a look at what I've loved reading over the last fortnight. Want to use Twitter to grow your blog? Corinne has put… Continue reading Saturday Share #123

Blogosphere Casey Neistat
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Blogosphere, Man Down and Christmas crafts #LittleLoves

I don't know what it is about growing up but it's really easy for Christmas to lose it's magic. Until you have children, that is. I felt all kinds of festive on Sunday when I watched my son and nephew decorating the tree at my mum's house. They're two and a half and three and… Continue reading Blogosphere, Man Down and Christmas crafts #LittleLoves

Can't Sleep, Write Now journal review
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Trouble sleeping? Grab a pen.

Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? Do you lie awake with your brain twitching with ideas? That's not necessarily a bad thing. Whether your mind is worrying about bills, planning tomorrow's to-do list or plotting the next great novel, there's a simple tool to help you get back to the land of nod:… Continue reading Trouble sleeping? Grab a pen.

30th birthday badge
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How I spent my 30th birthday

In case I didn't mention it enough already, I turned 30 last week. To celebrate/commiserate, I took the week off work and ended up with more plans in 11 days than I usually do in 11 months! For those of you who like photos of cocktails and stationery, here's a look at how I spent… Continue reading How I spent my 30th birthday

Virginia Hayward hamper review

A quiet Christmas Eve night in

Christmas Eve, for me, is the calm before the storm. It's the bit of quiet time before the panic to get everything cooked and on the dinner table, in amongst opening presents and trips to see various family members. It's the time to just slow down, take a walk around town to look at the… Continue reading A quiet Christmas Eve night in